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Cost of Attendance

At Herkimer College, we provide the premier two-year SUNY experience – affordably.

Earning an Associate’s degree or certificate or starting a four-year program at Herkimer College provides students with significant savings and a high-quality education.

Below is a breakdown of our tuition, fees, and other costs of attendance. About 75% of our students receive some form of financial aid to help them pay for these costs. To find out if you are eligible for financial aid, contact 315-866-0300 x8282 or

Tuition & Fees


Full Time
3,740.00 per year

Part Time
129.00 per credit hour

College Now
43.00 per credit hour

Non Resident / Out of State / International

Full Time
5,800.00 per year

Part Time
233.00 per credit hour

College Now
78.00 per credit hour


Accident Insurance: 40.00 annual

Activity Fee (waived for internet only and EMT off-site):
Full Time 180.00 per semester
Part Time 12.00 per credit hour

Administrative Withdrawal Fee: 5.00 per withdrawal
Alumni: 40.00 per graduate
Athletic Training Fee: 100.00 per semester for students participating in intercollegiate athletics
Change of Program Fee: 25.00 per occurrence, 1st one free
CPR Certification: 35.00 per certification
Credit by Exam: 40.00 per course
Drop / Add: 5.00 per form
Ecology Field Trip: 40.00 for applicable course(s)
EMT Program: 1,500.00 2nd year only
Fitness Center Lab Fee:45.00 for applicable course(s)
Graduation (FSA Fee): 40.00
Greens Fee: 30.00 PE Majors only
Health Records Transfer: 3.00 per form

Health Services Fee (excluding internet-only):
Full Time 10.00 per semester (fall and spring)
Part Time 5.00 per semester (fall and spring)

ID Fee (FSA Fee): 10.00 per semester (fall and spring)
International Student Fee: 500.00 per semester

Laboratory Fees: (tiered schedule dependent on course)
- 25.00 per applicable course(s)
- 30.00 per applicable course(s)
- 35.00 per applicable course(s)

Late Registration: 20.00

Library Fine: 0.50 per book per day
Malpractice Insurance: 20.00 per applicable course(s)
Music Lessons: 180.00 per semester for applicable course(s)
NSF Checks: 25.00 per check

Parking Fines:
Regular 10.00 per ticket
Regular ticket unpaid after 10 days 25.00 per ticket
Handicap Zone 25.00 per ticket
Handicap unpaid after 10 days 35.00 per ticket

Payment Deferral: 50.00 per term
PTA Licensing Exam Prep Workshop: 150.00
Physical Therapy Licensing Fee: 125.00 for each of 4 sequential courses
Readmission: 25.00

Online Course Fee: 13.00 per credit hour for all applicable course(s)

Technology Fee (waived for internet only students):
Full time 90.00 per term
Part time 30.00 3-11 credit hours, per term

Transcript: 5.00 per form
Travel and Tourism Field Trip: 40.00 per applicable course(s)
Tuition Deposit: 50.00