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LibraryHerkimer College is proud to be home to the Ronald F. Williams Library building. The Library staff is dedicated to helping and teaching users to navigate the often-complex world of information.

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Located on the second and third floors of the Library building, the Library’s hours for student and faculty use are:


Regular Semester Hours, August 25 - December 14:

  • Sunday: 4pm - 9pm (Closed holiday weekends)
  • Monday - Thursday: 8am - 9pm
  • Friday: 8am - 4pm
  • Saturday: Closed

Closed Holidays : Labor Day 8/30 - 9/1; Columbus Day 10/11 - 10/13;

Veterans Day 11/11; Thanksgiving 11/27 - 11/30

Extended Hours during Exam Period: Open until 10pm 12/1 - 4, 12/7 - 11, 12/14

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To ask questions or learn more, contact us at:

Reference Desk: 315-866-0300 ext. 8394 or text 315-836-3796
Reference Desk, Toll-free: 1-844-GO4-HERK ext. 8394
Circulation Desk: 315-866-0300 ext.8272

Not feeling chatty? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or text questions to 315-836-3796.