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Can I print on both sides of a paper in the Library?

Use the attached instructions for duplex printing on the Library Dell printers.

Does the Library have a photocopier/color printer/scanner students can use?

There is one black and white photocopier on the main floor near the entrance. There is a 10 cent charge per page.

There is currently a color printer that authorized students can use in the Library (ask at Reference Desk) and in the Technology Building open computer lab, TC 312. Please check the schedules posted at the door of each lab for their open hours.

There are scanners for student use in the Technology Building computer labs, TC309, TC312 and TC313 and 1 in the Academic Support Center, LB107. With all of these rooms, please check the schedules posted at the door of each lab for their open hours.

Does the Library have a fax machine students can use?

No, but the Bookstore on the bottom floor of the building does for a fee of $1.00 per page. The Bookstore is usually open from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday.

Below is a list of Internet fax services that may be useful if you scan the pages you need to fax. Scanners are available in the Technology Building computer labs, TC309, 312 and TC313, and the Academic Support Center, LB107, if you need to scan a document to be faxed. Please check the schedules posted on the door of each lab for their open hours.

Please note that the Herkimer College Library does not advocate the use of any particular site.

  • Free for two faxes per day and for faxes of three pages or less. Cannot receive faxes.
  • Free for two faxes per day and for faxes of three pages or less. Cannot receive faxes.
  • Monthly or yearly subscription service. Unlimited fax sending and 130 pages can be received.

Is there a place where I can watch videos in the Library?

In an upstairs study room we have a television connected to a video cassette player and a DVD player. The remote controls for the TV and player can be signed out at the Circulation Desk. This equipment is on a first come, first served basis for students to use. Faculty sometimes put videos on reserve at the Circulation Desk which can only be used in the Library by students. Instructional videos are also restricted to use only in the Library by students. DVDs can also be viewed on most Library computers, with the use of headphones.

Can other people use the Herkimer College Library?

Yes, community residents can use the Library and its resources any time the Library is open. The Library staff can log visitors into a guest computer account so they can use a computer, the internet, and the Library’s online resources. Herkimer County residents can also get a Community Borrower Card at the Circulation Desk. They just need to show a photo ID with a local address. This allows community members to sign out items from the Library. 

Why does the security alarm go off at the entrance?

Sometimes, used books from the bookstore or videos/DVDs from video stores will set off the alarms. The alarm otherwise ensures that only material that has been checked out leaves the library. The library reserves the right to inspect bags for materials if the alarm goes off. If the alarm goes off when you pass through please return to the Circulation Desk so we can make sure that you do not set it off again.

Who do I contact if I can’t log into my campus computer account?

Students should contact the Herkimer College Student Help Desk at 315-866-0300 ext.8555 for help accessing their computer accounts. You can also email with questions.

Are there computers in the Library?

The Library has a number of different areas for computer use by students.

OPAC computers are on kiosks at eye level so students can quickly find information such as searching the book catalog. These computers are for research only and are not loaded with Microsoft Office programs.

Open area computers are on several serpentine tables throughout the Library and can be used by students at any time the Library is open, but are shut down at approximately 15 minutes before the Library closes each day. They can be used for any type of research and for word processing, email, online classes, etc. These computers should not be used for games.

Computer classrooms, LB108 and LB212, are sometimes used for Library instructional classrooms. There will be a schedule of classes posted at the doors when the rooms will be closed for classes. These rooms can be used by students when they are open, but are shut down at approximately 15 minutes before the Library closes each day if open. They can be used for any type of research and for word processing, email, online classes, etc. These computers should not be used for games.

Laptop computers are available for use inside the Library, for 2 hours at a time. They can be signed out from the Circulation Desk and students should return them to the Circulation Desk at least 15 minutes before closing.

Student-owned laptop computers can be used inside or outside of the Library in the atrium since the wireless pods extend access to the internet throughout the Library and into the atrium outside. To be able to set up your laptop to work with the college system you can find instructions on the MyHerkimer documents area. There you will find Wireless Instructions for Vista/Windows7, XP and MACs. This does not give access to the College’s printers.

Quick Print Station at the front of the Library near the entrance is available for students who just need to print something from their computer account M: drive, an email or a flash drive.


How do I access my online courses or online course content?

You can go to the Herkimer College Internet Academy web pages or directly to the Generals Online logon page.

I need help with research. Where do I go? Can I get help from off campus?

Reference librarians are available to assist you in using the library and doing your research project. If you do not see a librarian at the Reference Desk, ask for one at the Circulation Desk or request individual consultation online

Contact a Librarian by e-mail:; or phone: 315-866-0300 x8394.


What if the Library doesn’t have a book or article I need?

The Library has a service called Interlibrary Loan so that books or articles can be borrowed from other Libraries for Herkimer College students. ILLiad is the software we use to keep track of all of these loans. If you are in a database of books such as WorldCat or the SUNY Union Catalog you can click the link to “Search for Full Text/Find Copy” or “Request Item” once you find the book you need. If you are in a database for articles such as Academic Search Complete you can click on the link to “Search for Full Text” to find the article in one of our other databases, or “Submit Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) Request”.

You will need to fill out your contact information in ILLiad the first time you use the system. After that you will only fill in your campus username and password to access the Interlibrary Loan system. This system will keep you updated with email messages about your requests.

Is the Library open in the evenings?

During the semesters the Library is open from 4pm to 9pm on Sunday, except holiday weekends, and until 9pm on Monday through Thursday. 

Is there wireless access in the Library? Can I use my own laptop?

Yes, there is wireless access to the College network in the Library. You must set up access to the network using one of the Wireless Setup Instructions for Windows XP/7, Vista or MAC found on the MYHerkimer under Documents & Forms/Information Services/RTV/AV page. This setup will not give you access to the College’s printers. If you have trouble with this setup please see the technician in JH113 or call 315-574-4021 or 315-866-0300 ext: 8555.

How do I access the Library databases and resources from off campus?

You can access our electronic databases from the Library’s web page/Databases: Find Articles or from the FIND EVERYTHING search box. You will have access to our lists of databases and resources, either alphabetically or by program. Once you click on a particular database you will have to fill out the MyHerkimer logon screen with your Herkimer College campus computer account username and password. After logging in once you will have access to all of the Library’s online resources during that session. 

You can also have access to the Library databases and ebooks by going directly to your MyHerkimer logon screen, clicking on Library in the QuickLinks section, to go to the Library's web page/Databases: Find Articles or from the FIND EVERYTHING search box.  Once you are in the databases you will have access to all of the online resources during that session.

Why do I need an Herkimer College ID card in the Library? How do I get one?

You need your Herkimer College ID card to sign out materials from the Library to take home as well as to use Reserve items such as textbooks and laptop computers in the Library. Your ID card is your proof that you are a member of the Herkimer College community in good standing. You can also use your ID card to sign materials out of other area college libraries and all 64 SUNY college libraries.

Herkimer College ID cards can be obtained at the Herkimer College Bookstore.

How do I contact the Library?

Information on Library staff members can be found in the Library Staff listing.

You can email a Reference Librarian at Contact a Librarian 

  logo tag whiteyellowNEW SERVICE - 24 HOUR REFERENCE HELP!!, though not necessarily with a Herkimer College Librarian. Click here for a chat with a Herkimer College Librarian when we are available.


Reference Desk: 315-866-0300 ext. 8394
Reference Desk, Toll-free: 1-888-GO4-HERK ext. 8394
Circulation Desk: 315-574-4007

The mailing address is:
Herkimer College
100 Reservoir Rd.
Herkimer, N.Y. 13350


Herkimer College Alerts

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