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Fall 2014

Mathematical Statistics I

Course code: MA127-02 | CRN: 20299 | Credits: 3 | Seats: 32 / 30

This course runs from January 22, 2015 to May 14, 2015 on W from 9:15 am to 10:15 am

This course is designed to explore topics from descriptive and inferential statistics: graphing, measures of central tendency and variation, probability, Central Limit Theorem, estimation, the binomial distribution, the normal distribution and hypothesis testing. The laboratory provides hands-on technology experience using a statistical software package. Prerequisite: MA 095 or sufficient placement score.Online sections of this course will also require (in addition to the textbook/material requirements:1. The textbook is, Elementary Statistics Picturing the World, by Larson/Farber, 6th Edition, hard copy or online version available through the Herkimer College bookstore or on the Pearson website.2. Minitab Express Software (six month rental required). Minitab rentals:OnTheHub offers rental options for all of the Minitab products including the new Minitab Express for Mac or for PC. Students can purchase on-line and download straight to their pc. You will be required to provide a campus email address (.edu) or other proof of your academic status. OnTheHub offers a 6-month rental for $29.99 or a 12-month rental for $49.99. To purchase simply go to www.OnTheHub.com/minitab. Within the Minitab program are videos to get you started, how-to guides and a data set library.3. Pearson MyStatLab Access Code which is available through the Herkimer College bookstore or on the Pearson website.

Instructor: Joshua Belisle

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