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Herkimer Honors Student Looks to Make a Difference with Textbook Drive

Herkimer College student Ara Homer ‘22, Humanities (Richfield Springs, New York), recognized certain barriers and set out to fix them. As part of her Herkimer College Honors Program project, she has created the Open Book Initiative whereby donated used textbooks will be readily available in the Academic Support Center (ASC) to all enrolled students. She is asking students, faculty, and staff to drop off used textbooks starting Monday, April 25 through Sunday, May 1 in the ASC, Rm. 104, in the Ronald F. Williams Library. Only purchased textbooks will be accepted.

“The ASC is about building a community of learning,” Homer shared. “I am hoping to help facilitate a sense of camaraderie among the students. If everyone donates just one book, what a difference that could make for someone.” 

Homer has been an active member of the Peer Tutoring Club as well as acting as a peer tutor through the ASC for the past two academic semesters. She says that during her time as a tutor, they have acted as a group to increase the number of students involved with the services offered. She explains that the main intent of the Club is to act as a point of contact between a student and their academic success.

“As a tutor, I feel having access to physical course materials such as textbooks would immensely improve the outcomes within a tutoring appointment. Most students, unfortunately, come to their appointments grossly under-prepared and often without adequate resources,” Homer said. “By making their materials available during appointments and in the Academic Student Center, I hope to facilitate a more cohesive student experience by enhancing their tutoring appointments.”

She added, “I am hoping to leave behind a legacy. If the work we do now can continue to make an impact on future students, then we are doing something right!"

After graduation this May, Homers plans to pursue nursing or a B.S. in Health Sciences.