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Talking with your Student about Alcohol

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Alcohol is the most misused and misunderstood drug in our society as Rob Turrisi states in “A Parent Handbook for Talking with College students about Alcohol.” Turrisi identifies the problems of alcohol consumption and binge drinking in college-age students. This handbook is a great first step to talking to your child about the harms of alcohol consumption. Research suggests that students who discuss alcohol consumption and avoidance strategies prior to their first year of college with their parents are less likely to engage in alcohol consumption, limit their use of alcohol, and spend less time with those who drink heavily. In addition, the handbook discusses the physical and psychological effects of consuming alcohol and how to discuss these with your child. Turrisi discusses the reasons why students do and do not drink, as well as binge drinking and its repercussions. Lastly, the handbook provides many local resources and links to more information for you and your child.   

 For a free handbook mailed to you please contact Madeline Snyder, College Prevention Coordinator, at : snydermm@HERKIMER.EDU   or 315-866-0300 ext.8346.


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