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General Studies A.A.

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Tailor a specific program according to your needs and interests.

Access broad areas of human knowledge, including the humanities and fine arts, the natural sciences and mathematics, and the social sciences.

You'll work closely with an advisor to tailor a specific program according to your needs and interests. This advising is of particular value if you are uncertain of the major you wish to pursue.

As a graduate with a degree in General Studies you'll be able to transfer into a wide array baccalaureate degree programs, or take advantage of specialized training offered by future employers.


Featured Faculty

Andrew DevittI graduated from Herkimer College in 1994 and went on to several different schools, but Herkimer was where I got my start. I had some of the best teachers of my life at Herkimer. It’s about the students...

At Herkimer, all my teachers knew my name. They were accessible and approachable. They took the time to get to know you. And it’s a beautiful campus. It really is. Read More...

- Andrew Devitt, Assistant Professor of English


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