Empowering Women Through Shared Stories at Herkimer College

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Herkimer County Community College Women’s Club recently hosted a captivating panel event titled “The Women of Herkimer” on March 19, bringing together students and alumni to share inspiring stories.

The force behind this event was Brenda Carney, senior advisement specialist of the ASAP Program at Herkimer College. Carney, who took on the role of advising the Women’s Club in 2023, shared her motivations and reflections on the importance of celebrating women's achievements. Her journey as an alumna of the college highlighted the impact of the College on her career and the supportive network it provided, especially from influential women within the institution.

The inaugural event featured alumni Katherine Scanlon ‘01, director of Herkimer College Advisement Center; Kaylynn Iglesias ‘06, College director of Admissions; and Erynn Lowery ‘11, clinical coordinator at SUNY Polytechnic Institute and owner of the Renaissance in Little Falls, who shared their experiences as students at Herkimer and how the College served as a foundation for their successful careers. The panelists discussed their initial goals, the challenges they faced, and the inspiration behind choosing Herkimer College.

Erynn Lowery, shed light on her role, emphasizing perseverance in introducing new concepts and the importance of education in overcoming adversity.

Additionally, three current students, Katie Benjamin, Kemya Davis, and Zoe Hoke, shared their unique perspectives. Benjamin, a current employee and student, highlighted her academic journey, which led to notable features in magazines. Hoke, a student and peer mentor, discussed her experiences as a high school athlete and mentor to fellow students. Davis, a new student, expressed finding direction and belonging at Herkimer.

The event also provided a platform for Alesha Bowman, Herkimer College ASAP Director, to share insights on the campus culture. Moving forward, this annual event aims to spotlight different successful women in the community who are alumni.

For those interested in participating in or supporting future events, or becoming a resource for the Women’s Club, contact Brenda Carney at carneybm@herkimer.edu.


Pictured above, L to R: Brenda Carney, Katie Benjamin, Katie Scanlon, Kaylynn Iglesias, Erynn Lowery, Kemya Davis, and Zoe Hoke.