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Integrate classroom knowledge with practical field experience.

The Criminal Justice A.A.S. program is designed to prepare you for careers in criminal justice agencies as a paraprofessional in law enforcement, criminal investigation, probation, parole and similar fields. A three-credit internship experience is designed to integrate the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom with the practical knowledge of working in the field.

As a graduate, you'll be prepared to:

  • Effectively engage in proactive approaches to deter crime and to investigate and apprehend those who break the law
  • Participate in the field of corrections in the areas of detention, supervision, administration and rehabilitation of incarcerated persons or those who obtain alternatives to incarceration
  • Contribute to the criminal justice system as professionals in Federal and State courts
  • Successfully perform operations necessary to ensure security in both the private and public sector
  • Demonstrate an understanding of police ethics and how to resolve issues of an ethical nature
  • Demonstrate an understanding of our correctional system, the concepts of probation and parole, the nature of punishment and trends in corrections

Transfer Agreements

Below is a list of transfer agreements we have established (for our Criminal Justice A.A.S. Program) with four-year colleges & universities to provide a seamless transfer of credits.

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Course Catalog

View our program course requirements as published in the College Catalog: Criminal Justice A.A.S.

Job Opportunities

Graduates find employment as police officers, criminal investigators, IRS agents, customs agents, park rangers, environmental conservation officers, state troopers, corrections officers, corrections counselors, bailiffs, court administrators, criminalists, alarm investigators, credit investigators, security detectives and loss prevention specialists.

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Online Criminal Justice A.A.S. Degree

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