Online Medical Coding - Transcriptionist Certificate

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The Medical Coding/Transcriptionist program provides students with the opportunity to gain the entry-level skills necessary to acquire and maintain a position relating to Medical Coding and/or Medical Transcription. Graduates are prepared to:

  • Identify and correctly apply ICD-9-CM codes based on the diagnoses presented
  • Identify and correctly apply CPT codes based on the surgical procedures presented
  • Recognize, understand and spell a variety of medical terms
  • Demonstrate proficiency in keying dictated tapes based on medical cases
  • Distinguish different medical forms and show familiarity with content
  • Communicate effectively

Course Catalog

View our program course requirements as published in the College Catalog: Medical Coding - Transcriptionist Certificate

Job Opportunities

This program affords students the ability to gain the competencies needed to successfully acquire and maintain employment in managed care systems, nursing homes, home care agencies, physicians’ offices, hospitals and insurance agencies. Many of the positions in this field are home-based.

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Online Medical Coding - Transcriptionist Certificate Degree

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