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Important COVID-19 vaccination and surveillance testing information is available here.

Follow up about positive COVID-19 cases

Dear Campus Community,

As a follow-up to the recent positive COVID-19 tests associated with Herkimer College, I would like to provide you with additional details to assure you that swift and appropriate protocols were followed.

Upon being notified of three positive test pools Friday evening, College officials immediately notified 31 individuals whose samples were included in those pools. By late Friday evening, all 31 had been reached and instructed to self-quarantine until they could get tested by Urgent Care or receive results from SUNY Upstate’s Reflex Test the following day.

Upon receiving each of the four positive test results (three on Saturday and one on Sunday), class schedules and accompanying rosters were obtained, and College officials immediately began notifying students and employees who had been potentially exposed. We also identified other potential direct contacts on campus, and notified them as needed. Additionally, the College provided the local public health department with contact information to expedite their follow-up with direct contacts. As additional potential exposures become known through the contact tracing process, we continue to work with the county health department to notify any potentially-exposed members of our campus community. Once a confirmed case or a potential exposure has been identified, all directives regarding quarantine/isolation protocols and follow-up testing is the purview of the local health department.

The College transitioned face-to-face classes in which there was potential exposure to real-time remote delivery until further notice. Additionally, the frequency of required surveillance testing will be increased to weekly for all residential students, as well as commuter/off-campus students with one or more on-campus/in-person classes.

Please be assured that the College is addressing all COVID-related issues and concerns with urgency and in compliance with HIPPA and FERPA laws. We continue to place the health and safety of our campus community as our top priority while providing academic and business continuity. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Rebecca Ruffing
Director of Public Relations

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