Hands-on experience for tech success.

Prepare for a career in computer and network security and help desk services. The Computer and Network Security program at Herkimer College emphasizes hands-on experience as well as theory. All network and PC courses are 50% lab, and seniors complete either a topics course or fieldwork. This program prepares you (along with some additional study) for A+ Certification, Network+ Certification, and various Microsoft Certifications.

As a graduate, you'll be prepared to:

  • Perform the day-to-day tasks of administering a PC network consisting of various switches, routers, printers, and network operating systems
  • Plan and install a PC network
  • Perform help desk functions to support network users, including training and problem solving
  • Build, repair, and upgrade PCs

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Career opportunities await

  • Computer Technician
  • Computer Repair
  • Computer Training & Support
  • Network Administrator
  • End User Support

Ryan Doyle, a corporate operations engineer for Google, remembers Herkimer as the place that started it all. “It’s a funny story of how I got to Herkimer, to RIT, to Google, actually,” Doyle recalls. “One of my best friends went to Herkimer for a year and told me what a great experience he had, and suggested that I enroll at Herkimer as well.

Doyle thanks his professors for their hand in his success. “The Computer and Network Security program at Herkimer is really excellent. Their program gave me a great foundation and I was able to use that and build on those skills when I went to RIT. I was ahead of certain people that may not have had that experience.” He cites the hands-on experience and personalized attention that Herkimer offered as a contributing factor to his love for technology.

“Excellent teachers, excellent mentors.” Doyle stresses. “You could tell they really cared.”


"The Electrical Technology program at Herkimer College is a unique place to start a career in technology. Students learn the required skills to secure jobs in the field of power and renewable energy. Being in the SUNY system allows graduates to seamlessly transfer to a four-year school in SUNY system.

Our students benefit from brand new state-of-the-art technology in the labs, and our small class sizes (especially in labs) provide an excellent hands-on experience for students. Lastly, our location is close to many industrial companies in upstate New York providing many opportunities for our students and alumni."