Enrollment of Students with Prior Felony Convictions

Policy and Procedures.

In accordance with the State University of New York’s new policy regarding the admission of persons with prior felony convictions (Policy #3200), Herkimer College is required to inquire if a student has a prior felony conviction if the student seeks participation in clinical, field experiences, or internships.

Herkimer College students in the following academic programs are required to participate in a clinical, field experience or internship in order to complete their degree.

Therefore, accepted students who intend to major in any of the programs listed below are required to disclose to the College any previous felony convictions.

0693       Business: Health Services Management Technology

1157       Business: Small Business Management

0462       Business: Sports & Recreation Management

1329       Criminal Justice: Forensic Investigations

1365       Computer Network Technician

0640       Criminal Justice-AAS

1100       Criminal Justice-AS

1327       Early Childhood

0604       Human Services

2635       Legal Studies

1773       Liberal Arts and Sciences: Childhood Education

1087       Liberal Arts and Sciences: Physical Education

0691       Paralegal

0489       Physical Therapist Assistant

2721       Pre-Employment Police Basic Training certificate

2389       Supply Chain Management

Note: Prior felony conviction may hinder a student’s ability to complete the requirements of the academic programs listed above and/or meet the criteria for licensure required by certain professions.

Students who reply “yes” to the question of whether he/she has ever been convicted of a felony will be required to provide the following:

  • A copy of the student’s unsuppressed criminal history record from the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (or equivalent document for jurisdictions outside of NYS)
  • For students on parole or probation status, references from the NYS Department of Correctional Services Division of Parole or the Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives
  • A personal interview with the campus committee if deemed necessary to clarify/verify this information

Documentation should be submitted to:

Director of Admissions
Herkimer College
100 Reservoir Rd
Herkimer, NY 13350

After evaluating all information submitted, the campus standing committee will decide whether to grant or deny the student’s participation in the activity required by that program (clinical, field experiences, or internship) or to grant such participation with conditions. In the event the student fails to timely submit the requisite information for review, the campus committee may defer decision on the student until all necessary information is received and reviewed.

Students who have concerns about such matters are advised to contact the Dean's office of their intended academic program.