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In partnership with the Little Falls Police Department, Herkimer College offers Phase I Pre-Employment Police Basic Training. This first phase of pre-employment training is open to civilians and sworn police officers as an alternative to the conventional manner of conducting the Basic Course for Police Officers. The program will prepare students to begin preparation for a career as a police officer prior to being hired by a law enforcement agency. As a further benefit, the program provides law enforcement agencies and municipalities with a diverse pool of trained police officer candidates.

The Little Falls Police Department has administered the part-time Basic Course for Police Officers, and other law enforcement specialty topics, since 1997. LFPD also sponsored the Cazenovia Pre-Employment Program since 2004. They have trained hundreds of law enforcement officers from police and sheriff departments throughout New York State.


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Although the program does not guarantee admission into a police department, every standard required by a full-time basic police academy applies, including academics, attendance, and physical fitness. Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll  receive a transcript and a certificate indicating completion of Phase I of Pre-Employment Police Basic Training. 

This certificate gives you two years to secure employment in a police department and complete the Phase II portion of the training before being awarded a full Basic School Certificate from the Department of Criminal Justice Services. 

The Phase II training is presented only to sworn police officers and contains the remainder of police training units, which civilian students are prohibited by state law from attending (Counterterrorism, Firearms Training, Supervised Field Training, and Impact Device Training).

Meagan C. Bedell '19 (Fort Hunter, NY) graduated in the first class from the Pre-Employment Police Basic Training program at Herkimer College, in partnership with the Little Falls Police Department. Meagan said, "The program helped us prepare for over 50 different topics and situations that we will encounter as officers. This opportunity to experience everything from day to day activities to the most stressful of situations is really rewarding."

Meagan was the only female in the inaugural class and offered some words of advice for other women who aspire to start police training. "Law enforcement is one team, one family. The 15 other men I graduated with have always included me in everything...just like they would any other cadet," she said. She explained that the family and team mentality that thrived in her class helps prepare cadets for working in a small group or police force.

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