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Communication and Media A.S.

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New Program, Long Tradition.

Join the new program founded on over forty years of media excellence. 

Communication and Media A.S. prepares you for transfer to a wide variety of four-year media and communication programs. It emphasizes transferability, hands-on creation and digital media, including video, graphics and emerging media.  

The program meets requirements for three SUNY Transfer Paths—Communication: Media, Communication: Non-media and Media Production. This ensures you’ll have a smooth transition to continue your studies at a wide selection of SUNY schools and programs.

Graduates from our media programs have achieved a high level of success throughout the industry, locally and beyond. 

You’ll explore media’s impact on society, applying modern communication theory to real-word situations. Not only will you learn how to create media, you’ll learn to craft effective messages.

Opportunities abound for you to apply your communication skills in hands-on settings, both inside and outside of the classroom. Craft journalistic and news-related content. Participate in campus clubs, our award-winning arts and literary magazine, our radio station, and social media channels.

Produce and share media in various forms including video, audio, graphics and social media. Create graphics and edit photos in our Adobe lab. Edit video and audio using Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools.


Featured Graduate

Tierney CyrenTierney Cyren loves collaborating with people around the world for his job.

As a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft, Tierney works with open-source communities to understand how they use JavaScript and Node.js in production at massive scale. With that understanding, he works with product teams to help ensure that Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform, is the best it can be. Major elements of his job include public speaking, open-source engineering and product feedback.

“I was able to enhance critical skills required for my career, including technical writing, public performance and community engagement while at Herkimer,” says Cyren, who graduated as a Communication Arts: New Media major.



Featured Graduate

Katie Ranno at News10As a News Producer for News10 in Albany, New York, Katie Ranno produces three shows a day.  She identifies and develops stories, finding the most effective and creative way to present each piece.

Ranno loves that every day presents a unique challenge.  “You never know what's going to happen or what news is going to come down the pipeline,” Ranno says. “Because news is so unpredictable, I am constantly learning and finding different ways to grow in my career.”

Ranno’s career took root at Herkimer College, where she developed complementary skills including media production, formatting scripts, writing visually and even fundamentals of design.  An Honors student, she was motivated to work with a faculty member to learn every job in the studio and control room as a project.

“These skills have helped me become a versatile part of the newsroom,” Ranno says. “I am able to help with the teleprompter, edit quick teases, and format graphics on busy days where we need an extra set of hands. Herkimer College has given me a rock-solid foundation that has helped propel me to where I am today.”

Ranno notes that the job is always evolving.  “Over the past year, producers in our newsroom have started to add digital duties to our routine. I am posting to our social media pages when needed and posting stories to our website daily.”

*Katie Ranno graduated as a Digital Filmmaking major, which has evolved into the new Communication and Media A.S. program

Transfer Agreements

Below is a list of transfer agreements we have established (for our Communication and Media A.S. Program) with four-year colleges & universities to provide a seamless transfer of credits.

Programs also offered online are denoted by asterisk.*

Course Catalog

Communication and Media A.S. is a comprehensive program that prepares students for transfer to a wide variety of media and communication programs. It emphasizes transferability, hands-on creation and digital media. The program meets requirements for three SUNY Transfer Paths—1) Communication: Media, 2) Communication: Non-media and 3) Media Production. Core areas of study include media production, human communication, media writing, journalistic content, and visual media. This is a two-year degree program designed to enhance student communication skills utilizing digital media and to enable successful transfer to a related four-year degree program.

1st Semester

FS 100 - First Year Student Seminar (1)
EN 111 – College Writing (3)
HU 146 – Introduction to Graphics & Design (3)
HU 136 – Fundamentals of Media Creation (3)
Math Selective (124 or Higher) (3)
SS__ OWC/Western Civ Selective (3)
Total: 16

2nd Semester

EN 112 – College Literature (3)
SS 165 – Intro to Mass Media (3)
HU 148 – Digital Photography (3)
EN 161 – Journalism (3)
EN 118 -- Intro to Human Communication (3)
PE Elective (1)
Total: 16

3rd Semester

HU 257 – Intermediate Media Production
EN 225 – Public Speaking (3)
EN 270 – Media Writing Lab Science (4)
Math Selective (124 or Higher) (3)
Total: 16

4th Semester

HU 282 – Communication and Media Capstone
HU 235 – Social Media (3)
SC Elective (3)
EN/HU Arts Selective (3)
SS Elective
PE Elective (1)
Total: 16 

For more information, contact the Humanities and Social Science Division at (315) 866-0300 or toll free 1-844-GO-4-HERK, ext. 8200. This program complies with the State University General Education requirement.

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