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Alum Achieves Many Impressive Art Education Successes

Tracie Glazer

Alumni / Program Director & Assistant Professor at Nazareth, Executive Director of Non-Profit, & Pursuing PhD

Are you a current student or alumni?
I am an alum. I graduated in 1998.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am currently the Program Director for Art Education at Nazareth College in Rochester. I am also a full-time Assistant Professor and the Executive Director of Nazareth's Saturday Art laboratory school, which is housed on our campus.

I am currently finishing up my doctoral work at the University of Rochester in both Teaching and Curriculum, as well as Educational Leadership. I am married to Dr. Abraham Glazer and I have two small children – Raizel our daughter, who is 6 and Gideon, our son, who is 4.

Why did you choose Herkimer College?
I am originally from Herkimer and took advanced coursework at Herkimer College while I was a student at Herkimer High School. I was very impressed with the faculty, specifically Joseph Ferrandino, who taught an English 101 and Journalism class that I took.

The college seemed warm, welcoming, and financially viable for me. I am the first person in my family to attend college, so Herkimer College provided a wonderful space for me to launch my post-high school, academic career.

What are your greatest career and/or personal successes to date?
I was a public school art teacher for 7 years in the Greater Rochester area. I also served as the Department leader for Art at Pittsford Sutherland High School (a top high school in our nation), before being employed at Nazareth College.

I am proud to be successfully completing my doctoral studies this year and enjoy being the head of one of the most respected Art Education programs in the northeast. I was fortunately able to teach and serve, during the summer of 2003, in Tanzania in the village of Ipalamwa as part of a grant provided by the Pittsford Teacher's Association.

Two years ago I was honored to be NYSATA's (New York Art Teacher Association) Region #2 Art Educator of the year at NYSATA's annual conference. I am also fortunate to be a part of an inter-cultural relationship with the University of Pannonia in Vesprem, Hungary. Each year I help coordinate an America's Week conference at both their campus in Hungary, as well as our own.

I am also fortunate to serve as a professional developer for area school districts, and have had the privilege of working with Herkimer County BOCES, Buffalo Public Schools, as well as Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES to present learning sessions for their art education faculty and staff.

I have presented at both NYSATA and NAEA (The National Art Education Association's) annual conferences.

I am also still a working photographer and artist, who is fortunate to show my work publicly at galleries across the Greater Rochester region.

How has Herkimer College helped you to succeed?
Herkimer College really provided me with the strong foundation that I needed to pursue both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I wasn't necessarily the strongest student in high school, but Herkimer College opened up my abilities to engage with the world, write, speak, as well as analyze and articulate my own thoughts and learning.

I am very grateful to all of the professors who assisted me in my journey, including Mr. Gale Farley and Ms. Maryanne Wrinn. They both encouraged me to move forward in the visual arts, photography, and art education. To them, I am truly indebted. Other professors who really assisted my development were Kalman Socolof and James Schwabach. Each of these gentlemen pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of.

My time serving as historian of Herkimer College’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter opened me up to my own potential and allowed me the opportunity to learn about professional conferences and the abilities of community college graduates to serve their communities, regions, and the world.

What were some of your favorite things about attending Herkimer?
I loved the professors at Herkimer College. They really invested their time and energy in getting to know their students and personalizing their classes to meet the needs of all students.

I also loved how open, fun, and engaged the faculty and staff of Herkimer College were in campus activities, honor societies, etc. Every person who worked at the college, from the amazing cafeteria staff, pool attendants, coaches, and adjuncts, truly exuded pride in the facility and the students they served. I hope to someday be able to participate in an alumni art show or give back in another way to the college.

I also love the fact that I am able to really understand and support my own Art Education transfer students. Many of my own aspiring art education students have made the choice to transfer to Nazareth from a community college. I feel confident in both my ability to advise them, as well as their academic abilities, based on my own community college experiences. I feel that my time at Herkimer College has assisted in my ability to guide them as they progress in receiving their B.S. or M.S.Ed degrees.

What advice would you give to future Herkimer College students?
To take advantage of the opportunities that the college offers you. A degree from Herkimer College can really open doors for you and pave the way for future degrees and education.

My degree from Herkimer College allowed me to transfer into Nazareth College (I am a professor there, but I am also an alumna) and made funding my education more accessible. It was due to my successes and time Herkimer College that I was able to receive scholarships, grants, and an aid package from Nazareth College.

Get involved, really take the time to get to know your professors, study hard, and dream big!!!

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