Transfer Services

Transfer Services v2

Everything you need to know for a seamless transition.

Deciding on colleges to research and filling out all the applications can be daunting. It’s best to have a solid plan in place. Be sure to talk with your academic advisor about your goals. The best time to start planning is during your first semester at Herkimer College.

Transfer services at Herkimer College include individual transfer assistance with an academic advisor, transfer assistance workshops, on-campus visits throughout the year by various four-year college representatives, a transfer resource library, information on transfer scholarships, and computer-assisted college search.


  • Our AA and AS degrees are designed to parallel freshman and sophomore classes at senior institutions. Class sizes are typically smaller than those at four-year institutions, and personal attention from faculty helps build a foundation for success. Plus, tuition is less expensive than SUNY four-year institutions and a fraction of the cost of most private colleges and universities. In addition, students are eligible to earn transfer scholarships and may keep a part-time job in the local community. Students uncertain about majors or career directions discover that Herkimer College provides an excellent opportunity to explore different options before committing to a bachelor’s level program.

  • At Herkimer, your academic advisor can assist you with identifying transfer institutions that meet your education goals and developing a plan of action.

  • Herkimer College has established many transfer agreements with four-year institutions, which allow students to enter as juniors. These agreements are listed by major here

  • Generally speaking, credits from Herkimer are accepted for transfer credit. Your first two years of study are usually dedicated to completing general education requirements such as English, math, history, and science. However, the specific number of transfer credits you receive will depend on many factors, including whether or not you have completed the right degree program at Herkimer College and perhaps more importantly the particular program and college you wish to transfer into. The only way to be certain is to work with your academic advisor early on and contact the transfer college. Articulation agreements and focused advisement enhance the transfer process.

  • You should try to apply to your four-year college choices a year in advance. This is especially true when applying to competitive programs and SUNY four-year colleges and universities. Many colleges have rolling admission and accept students on a continual basis as applications are received. Early applications often provide a better chance for acceptance to the college of your choice.

  • The best source of information for available financial aid and scholarships for your transfer institution is that institution’s financial aid office. At Herkimer College, you can also find information on available transfer scholarships by contacting the transfer advisor in the Advisement Center.