Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about Herkimer College dining and meal plans. For more information, don’t hesitate to call the Dining Center at 315-574-4014.

Do unused meals carry over to the following week?

No, unused meals do not carry over from one week to the next. The meals on both meal plans reset on Monday, thus making the week run from Monday - Sunday. Flex Dollars from the plan do carry over into the following semester but expire at the end of the school year. We can help you decide on the right plan to fit your schedule and eating habits, ensuring that you get the full value for your dollars.

How much do meal plans cost?

Meal Plan 19: $2,106/Semester includes 19 meals/week and $100 Flex Dollars

Meal Plan 14: $1,719/Semester includes 14 meals/week and $100 Flex Dollars

Meal Plan 12: $1,542/Semester includes 12 meals/week and $100 Flex Dollars

Meal Plan 10: $1,379/Semester includes 10 meals/week and $100 Flex Dollars (cannot be used on weekends)

Meal Plan 5: $690/semester includes 5 meals/week and $100 Flex Dollars (cannot be used on weekends)

How do I sign up?

All on campus housing students will choose a meal plan when applying for housing. Changes and adjustments can be made with the Student Account's office. If you have questions about whether or not you have enrolled in a meal plan, please call our office at the number listed above.

Can I change my dining plan?

You have the opportunity to change your dining plan until the census date (date full tuition is incurred) each semester. Simply go to the Student Account's office or the Food Services office in RMCC and fill out a dining plan change form.

Are you open for early arrival students, athletes and extended stay students?

Food services may be open on a limited basis for early arrival and extended stay students. If you intend to use a meal plan during these periods, additional funding will be required for your meal plan.

Can I treat a friend by using my Dining Membership?

You are the only person allowed to use your "meals." If you would like to treat a friend, you may pay for their meal by using your Flex Dollars (declining balance account).

What do I do when my Flex Dollars runs low?

You may add dollars to your Generals account using cash, check, money order or VISA or MasterCard. These funds are not flex dollars which means they can be used at any location that accepts the Generals Card.

Do I need a new ID card each year?

No, your Herkimer College ID is valid as long as you are attending Herkimer College. Lost ID charge is $10.00.