Campus Siren

Our emergency public access system.

As part of our emergency preparedness initiative, Herkimer College installed a siren warning system. To learn more, check out the frequently asked questions below:



  • During an emergency situation, communication is very important. Herkimer College uses several ways to communicate with students, faculty, and staff; including email, NY-Alert, website, and an emergency siren located on the top of the Physical Education Building.

  • The siren sounds similar to a fire station siren and has the ability to be used in combination as a public address system as well. When activated, the siren will always sound prior to any PA message being delivered.

    • Notify others who are near you of the emergency and immediately seek shelter and stay in place.  
    • Select interior rooms, closets, copy rooms, offices, classrooms or dorm rooms.
    • Close and lock all doors, windows, blinds, shades, and any other opening to the outside.
    • Remain calm, silence your cell phone, and try to be as quiet as possible.
    • Do not go outdoors unless instructed to do so.
    • If the siren stops, DO NOT MOVE, stay in place, and wait for the All CLEAR to be given over the Siren/PA system and/or through NY-Alert.
  • The siren should be heard outside any place on campus.

  • Each semester, Campus Safety will test the siren system to make sure it is functioning properly and also so that our campus community can hear the tones of the siren. Everyone will be clearly advised in advance of the siren testing date and time.