• Stop by RMCC 220 for a “Club/Organization Start-Up Kit.” To start a new club on campus, we suggest that you meet with the Director of Student Activities to discuss your ideas. You will then need to find at least 10 interested students and a faculty/staff advisor, compose a letter of intent, and create a club constitution. All new clubs and organizations are voted on by the Student Government Association. Our office will assist you with these steps and help you through the process.

    1. Design a flyer announcing your campus event. 
    2. Bring a copy of your flyer to the Center for Student Leadership & Involvement office (RMCC 220) for approval.
    3. The Center for Student Leadership & Involvement office staff will review and, if approved, stamp and post the flyer. Flyers are posted on bulletin boards across campus. 

    There are a lot of other ways to advertise (table tents, door hangers, banners, messages on our TV monitors, etc.), too.  Stop by and we’ll help!


  • Our clubs and organizations are listed on the Center for Student Leadership & Involvement website. In addition, a Club/Organization list is available in our office. The Center for Student Leadership & Involvement staff can help you join the group, inform you of upcoming meetings, and also put you in touch with the advisors or officers. If you do not see a club that suits your interests, start a new one! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

  • The easiest way to join a club/organization is to contact the club/organization advisor or the Center for Student Leadership & Involvement.

  • Check the events calendar, visit RMCC 220, follow us on social media or view our bulletin boards throughout the campus.

  • All activities/events are open to Herkimer students and the community unless otherwise noted. You may be asked to show a current Herkimer student ID.

  • Yes, of course! If you have an idea, please stop by our office and let us know. You can also send us your ideas, attend a Student Activities Committee meeting or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. We welcome ideas and suggestions.

  • Clubs and organizations should work closely with both their club advisor and the Center for Student Leadership & Involvement to plan an event. We can assist you with contacting the right people and making sure the details are figured out.

  • You can become involved in a lot of different ways. Join a club or intramural team; become a Student Ambassador, Resident Assistant, or Peer Tutor; or simply volunteer to help with campus events. Stop by the Center for Student Leadership office for more information. We encourage all students to become involved in one way or another. It is a great way to meet people and learn more about what Herkimer has to offer you.