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Generals Online Student Center

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Access Your Course

If you are registered for an Internet Academy course, you will be able to access your course several days before the course begins at:


Please be sure to add the direct link to Generals Online (GO) to your Bookmarks or Favorites in your web browser so that you can access the site directly whenever you need to. 


Generals Online (GO) Username/Password Information

Your GO (https://herkimer.open.suny.edu) username will be the first seven characters of your last name (if your last name is less than seven characters, then you would use your entire last name), first name initial and last 3 digits of your Herkimer College assigned Student ID Number.

For example:

  • John Doe with a Herkimer College ID Number of H00075123 would enter his GO username as doej123
  • Jane Patterson with a Herkimer College ID Number of H00077987 would enter her GO username as pattersj987

This is the same username you use to access MyHerkimer, but they are two completely separate accounts so your password may be different. 

Your GO Password will initially be your 6-digit date of birth in MMDDYY format. You should change your password as soon as you are able to login. You may find instructions for changing your password herehttp://www.herkimer.edu/assets/InternetAcademy/How-to-Change-Your-Password-in-Generals-Online.pdf. If you have logged into GO previously and changed your password but do not remember what it was, please select the “Forgot Your Password” link. On the next page, in the Email Address Option area, enter your First Name, Last Name and Herkimer College Student Email Address and then check your Herkimer College Student WebMail account for the response.

Hiding Your Previous Semester Courses in GO

You may find instructions for hiding your previous semester courses in GO herehttps://www.herkimer.edu/assets/InternetAcademy/Hiding-your-Previous-Semester-Courses.pdf

These instructions will only work for returning students.  New students will need to wait until they are in their second semester in Generals Online before these instructions will work as described. 

Access Your Herkimer College Student Email Account

You can access your Outlook Web App (OWA) also known as webmail from your computer by following these steps listed below.  (use Internet Explorer for best results).

At login you will need to enter your credentials. Your username is the first seven (7) letters of your last name, the first (1) letter of your first name and the last three (3) digits of your Herkimer College ID number (H number). Example:

  • Student Name:  John Smithson
    College ID:  H99123101
    Username:  smithsoj101
  • Student Name:  John Doe
    College ID:  H00075123
    Username:  doej123

Your initial password will be “Herk!” plus your 8-digit birthdate in the following format: MMDDYYYY. For example, John Doe who was born on January 1, 1990 would initially have a password of Herk!01011990. Jane Patterson who was born on December 28, 1992 would initially have a password of Herk!12281992. Students will be required to change their password the first time they login. The new password should be between 13 and 20 characters long and it cannot be any of the last 5 passwords you have used and your new password cannot contain your username.  Your new password must contain at least one upper-case letter, one lower-case letter, one digit and one special character. 

If you experience any problems please contact the Help Desk as follows: Help Desk: help@herkimer.edu or 315.866.0300 x8555.


How to Determine your Herkimer College ID

You can use your Herkimer College ID in place of your Social Security Number when logging into Student Online Services and when contacting Herkimer College by telephone and email.  You will also need your Herkimer College ID to determine both your GO Username and your MyHerkimer Username. 

  1. Login to your Student Online Services (SOS) Account available here:  https://onlineservices.herkimer.edu/pls/prod/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin.  Initially, you can login using your Social Security Number as your User ID, no dashes, no spaces. 
  2. Once logged into your SOS account, please select the Student Services tab.
  3. From the available menu, please select the Student Services link. 
  4. Select Academic Transcript from the available menu.
  5. Leave the drop-down menu options in their default state.  Click the Submit button.
  6. Your Herkimer College ID will be available in the upper right-hand corner just before your name.  It begins with an “H”. 

If you need any assistance with logging into your Student Online Services Account, please contact our Help Desk at (315) 866-0300, ext. 8555 or email them at help@herkimer.edu.


Additional Assistance with your Generals Online Courses

The Open SUNY Help Desk (1-844-673-6786 by telephone or visit http://open.suny.edu/support/contact-us/current-students/) is available to assist you.

If you need further information from Herkimer College, contact the Internet Academy at 315-574-4006 or toll-free in NYS at (888)464-4222 x8742 or via our request information page.

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