Non-Matriculated Online Student Instructions

You’ve applied. Now what?

Here’s what to do next:

1. Register for Your Courses

(Generals Online courses are designated with a V in the section number, and time and location will be listed as TBA). Be sure to get your Student ID Number (this should now be used as your User ID whenever you log into SOS).

Questions? Call the Registrar's Office directly at (315) 574-4037 or toll-free in NYS at 1 (844) 464-4375 x8580.

2. Take Care of Your Bill.

All accounts must be settled in full prior to the billing due date to avoid additional fees and/or possible deregistration from your courses. Be sure to check out our Refund Policy, too.

Questions about your bill? Call the Student Accounts Office at (315) 574-4018 or toll-free in NYS at 1 (844) 464-4375 x8315.

All New York State Community Colleges require New York State Residents to obtain a Certificate of Residence and provide it to the College no later than 30 days after classes start in order to avoid additional charges (certificates cannot be dated any earlier than 60 days before course begins).

It is best for the Student Accounts Office to receive the Certificate of Residence before classes start, but if you are making a payment before you have your certificate, you can subtract the Non-Resident Tuition charge from your bill.

As long as a Certificate of Residence is on file within 30 days from the start of the term, “Tuition - No Residency" charges will be removed. Failure to provide a certificate within this timeframe will result in you having to pay additional charges.

If you have questions specific to the Certificate of Residence, call the Student Accounts Office at (315) 574-4018 or toll-free in NYS at 1 (844) 464-4375 x8309.

3. Get Your Textbooks.

Most Generals Online courses require textbooks and materials. Some electronic Open Educational Resources (OER) textbook materials are provided at no cost to students, but other course materials must be purchased.

Note: Some courses require materials that are specially packaged for Herkimer College and can only be purchased from the school Bookstore.

4. Log into Generals Online and begin participating!

GO accounts are created within one business day after registration, and courses will be automatically added to student accounts when courses “Go Live” several days before the term begins.

New students should complete the online SUNY Online Student Orientation provided prior to beginning your courses to build the skills to effectively participate in online courses.

For technical issues during the semester, use the Open SUNY IT Help Desk or call 1 (844) 673-6786.