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I wish to share an apartment with (list the names of up to four students you would like to request):
Requests will be honored only if all students involved in the request have turned in applications and are not on a waiting list at the time assignments are made and have all requested each other. Assignments are made based on date received.
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Reservoir Run
4–Person Suite Style Apartment (4 Single Bedrooms)
Campus Meadows
Townhouse (two double bedrooms)
Two bedroom Flat (one double and one triple bedroom)
Five Person Flat (one bedroom w/ five students)
College Hill
Single in Two Bedroom Shared Apartment (one single bedroom and one double bedroom)
Double in Two Bedroom Shared Apartment (one single bedroom and one double bedroom)
All housing is smoke-free. This question relates to your sensitivity to the smell of smoke.

Herkimer College is offering a Health and Wellness living area in College Hill. This option promotes a healthy living lifestyle and provides a zero tolerance smoke free-environment, health and wellness programming and specific quiet study hours.

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