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Steps to Transfer

Preparing for the future.

The steps below will help you prepare for transferring to another institution after your time at Herkimer College.

Freshman Year

Semester 1

  • Locate the Advisement Center and make an appointment with the transfer advisor.
  • Utilize the transfer resources available to you.
    • computer terminals for college searches, viewing college catalogs online, getting information about your major
    • college catalogs/resource materials (guidebooks, etc.)
    • college applications
  • Identify your career path. Learn how your major relates to your career goal. Make an appointment with Herkimer College's career counselor.
  • Make your advisor aware of your long-term goals.
  • Visit with transfer college representatives when they visit Herkimer College in October and April for Transfer College Fairs. Learn about pre-requisites
  • Examine specific transfer agreements we currently have with many four-year colleges.
  • Begin saving all college course outlines.
  • Become involved in campus activities.

Semester 2

  • Visit potential transfer colleges at special transfer open house programs.
  • Begin more in depth research of transfer colleges.
  • Email or write to colleges to obtain information, catalogs, applications, etc.

Senior Year

Semester 1

  • Complete your research process.
  • Apply to at least 3 to 5 transfer colleges.
  • Keep detailed records of all contacts and make copies of all documents you send to the transfer college.
  • Apply early, do not miss important deadlines for scholarships or competitive transfer programs).
  • Apply online or by paper application. Seek assistance with applications from the transfer advisor.
  • Obtain application fee waivers from the transfer advisor, if eligible.
  • Apply for Herkimer College scholarships. Applications are available in the fall semester.
  • October 1st – submit the FAFSA form to be considered for federal need or merit-based programs.
  • All requested documents for financial aid usually have to be submitted by March 1st for the next academic year.
  • Do not assume because you were not eligible for financial aid at Herkimer College that you won't qualify for aid at your transfer institution.

Semester 2

  • Follow-up promptly on all requests for information.
  • Bring transfer questions to the transfer advisor.
  • Send in deposits. Apply for housing early.
  • Do not forget to send in your final transcript to the college you are transferring to
  • Try to attend summer transfer orientation and registration (bring the Herkimer College catalog and course outlines)
  • Submit your health documents early (proof of immunizations can be forwarded from Herkimer College's health office)
  • Anticipate a different environment and be prepared
  • When you arrive at your transfer college, have the Registrar certify your enrollment to show you are continuing at that college (for financial aid purposes and loans)
  • Finally, enjoy the journey! Your dream is worth following. Start early, keep your goal in mind, and take these hints and suggestions and you’ll be able to successfully master the transfer process