Transfer Agreements

Explore our four-year colleges and universities.

Herkimer College has established transfer agreements with four-year colleges and universities to provide a seamless transfer of credits.

The State University of New York has established a transfer policy which guarantees all holders of the A.A. and A.S. degree admission to a four-year unit of the university. Entrance within a particular institution is not guaranteed. If you are considering transferring into any of these programs, consult with your advisor and/or transfer advisor for complete information regarding special qualifications or conditions for admission.

Programs also offered online are denoted by asterisk*

Accounting A.A.S.

Art Studio A.S.

Business Administration A.A.S.

Business Administration A.S.

Childhood Education A.S.

Communication and Media A.S.

Computer Science A.S.

Crime & Intelligence Analysis A.A.S.

Criminal Justice A.A.S.

Criminal Justice A.S.

Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics A.S.

Early Childhood A.A.S.

Engineering Science A.S.

Fashion Buying & Merchandising A.A.S.

Forensic Investigations A.A.S.

General Studies A.A.

Human Resource Management A.A.S.

Human Services A.A.S.

Humanities A.A.

Legal Studies A.A.S.

Marketing A.A.S.

Music Industry A.S.

Psychology A.A.

Quality Assurance - Business A.S.

Quality Assurance - Science A.S.

Science A.S.

Small Business Management A.A.S.

Social Science A.A.

Sports & Recreation Management A.A.S.