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Eligibility for Financial Aid

To qualify for financial aid, Herkimer College students must be in good academic standing and meet certain basic requirements.

If you’d like assistance in determining whether you’re eligible, contact financial aid at 315-574-4035 or submit an information request.

To determine if your courses are eligible for federal and/or state aid you can access this information through your My.Herkimer account. 

Go to: Student Online Services

Select: Registration

Select: Compliance Eligibility for Financial Aid

Each course will indicate if it is eligible for state and or federal aid.  Here is more information on Course Eligibility for Financial Aid.


Student Academic Progress (SAP) frequently asked questions

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress?

Herkimer County Community College expects students to remain in good academic standing which means students must be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) towards completing their degree or certificate program.  Herkimer College review SAP each term (fall, spring and summer).

  • Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA (see SAP qualitative chart) including remedial and repeated courses to be in good academic standing.
  • Students must complete their educational program in no longer than 150% of the published length of the educational program (An example of 150% would be attempting 96 credits for a 64 credit hour program.)
  • Students’ earned credits must be equal or greater than the respective percentage of their attempted credits (see SAP quantitative chart) in the evaluated term.

Attempted credits include remedial, developmental, withdrawn, transferred, incompletes, and all credit bearing courses including “F” grades.

Earned credits includegrades of A, B, C, and D (+/-), including transfer as well as remedial credits.  Repeated courses count as earned credits only once.

A student who fails below the satisfactory academic progress standards will be notified by the Provost Office.  A student who is not making SAP will be placed on Financial Aid Warning for the following semester and will remain eligible for financial aid.  If a student on Financial Aid Warning fails SAP, the student will be placed in Academic Dismissal and will no longer be eligible for federal aid. Students who feel they have extenuating circumstances that led to their dismissal may appeal the dismissal status.  Students who are granted a financial aid reinstatement based on their appeal will be placed on Financial Aid Probation. Note: Decision of Financial appeals are separate from Academic appeals.

What is Financial Aid Warning?

When students fail to meet the SAP requirements, they are placed on Financial Aid Warning for a period of one semester.  Students placed under Financial Aid Warning will be eligible for federal aid for the following semester.  Students will be counseled and advised to utilize the Academic Support Center, and to adjust their course schedules to assist the student to get back to good standing.  After the warning semester, the warning status is removed if students successfully meets SAP. 

What does Academic Dismissal mean?

If students fail to meet the SAP requirements after the financial aid warning period, they will be placed under Academic Dismissal. Students that are academically dismissed will no longer be eligible for federal aid and will have all registered classes withdrawn from the following term. The student will need to submit an appeal in order to return to the college and/or receive financial aid. Note: Decision of financial aid appeal is separate from the academic appeal.


What is Financial Aid Probation?

Students who were granted a financial aid appeal will be placed under Financial Aid Probation for the next term.  They are required to meet with an advisor prior to registration and to create an academic improvement plan to get back into SAP. In some cases, an academic plan may incorporate more than one semester to get back to SAP.  If the student fails to meet the requirements of SAP or the academic plan prescribed for the student, s/he will be academically dismissed again and will not be eligible for federal aid.

My semester GPA was above a 2.0, so why did I get put on Financial Aid Warning?

SAP looks at your cumulative GPA, not your semester GPA.

What does “earned credits must be equal or greater than the respective percentage of their attempted credits” mean?

In order to meet the Quantitative Standard of SAP, you must have successfully completed the courses you registered for the term using the required percentage listed on the SAP Chart.  For example:  You have attempted 30 credits and only earned 18 (18/30=.60 or 60%). The quantitative chart indicates that a student who attempted 30 credits must earn 67% to meet the SAP requirement.

How do withdrawals effect my SAP?

A grade of W (withdrawn) does not count in your earned credits or cumulative GPA, but it does count as an attempted credit in determining if you were successful in the percentage calculation of SAP. Note that withdrawing from a course can be the right option even if it places you on Financial Aid Warning.  You just need to be aware that withdrawing from courses in multiple semesters can led you to be academically dismissed and no longer eligible for federal aid.

What does the 150% rule mean?

This means that if the published length of your program is 64 credits, then you need to complete your program within 96 credits (64 x 150% = 96).

How does SAP effect my financial aid?

Students who have been placed on Academic Restriction will also be placed under Financial Aid Warning and are allowed to continue as full time student and receive federal financial aid. However, failure to improve SAP will result in being academically dismissed in which a student will no longer be eligible for aid unless a financial aid appeal is approved.


What is the difference between an Academic Appeal and Financial Aid Appeal?

  1. If a student is academically dismissed from the college, they may appeal to the college to be reinstated.  A dismissed student is not eligible for federal financial aid and must find alternative payment methods.  An academic appeal can only be made based on extraordinary circumstances that occurred during the term(s) in which the student failed to meet SAP requirements. If the appeal is approved, students’ status would be moved from academic dismissal to academic restriction and will be allowed to continue their studies. Students will be required to seek academic advisement and develop an Academic Plan to support moving toward satisfactory academic progress.


  1. If a student is dismissed and an academic appeal is granted, the student is not eligible for financial aid unless they are granted financial aid based on a Financial Aid Appeal.  The Financial Aid Appeals Committee is separate from the Academic Appeals Committee and decisions are also separate.  Appeals can only be granted based on extraordinary circumstances that caused the student to not meet the SAP standards. You must include the following items in order for your financial aid appeal to be considered as complete:
  • The reason(s) for unsatisfactory achievement during the past semester,
  • How those circumstances are now resolved, and
  • Plans for improvement.

A student may be granted an academic appeal but be denied for a financial aid appeal and therefore would be eligible to continue your studies but denied eligibility for federal aid.

I don’t get financial aid, does SAP still apply to me?

Yes. All students are assessed for SAP each term.  If you are not doing well you may be put on Academic Restriction.  We will work with you to provide you with the resources you need to be successful and to avoid being dismissed from the college.

Where can I go for more information?

If you would like further information regarding SAP go the financial aid webpage:  or send us an email to