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Herkimer College utilizes the Purple Briefcase platform as our main means of sharing job and internship opportunities with our students and alumni, and we are pleased to invite you to join as well! Simply navigate to our HireHerkimer page to create or log into to your Purple Briefcase account. After you’ve created and logged into your FREE Purple Briefcase account, you’ll want to navigate over to the My Schools page. On that page scroll down to “request a school connection with a code”. Click yes and enter Herkimer College’s code: HERK126.

Herkimer College Career Services is a member of the Central New York Recruiting Consortium (CNYRC) which also utilizes the Purple Briefcase platform to communicate employment and internship opportunities to students at all consortium colleges. Membership institutions include: Herkimer College, Mohawk Valley Community College, SUNY Polytechnic Institute and Utica College. To learn more about posting opportunities to consortium schools please go to www.cnyrc.com.

Job Fairs:

Herkimer College Career Services hosts two job fairs every year. There is no cost to employers and a table is provided for setup

Part-Time Job Fair:

  • This fair is held every Fall semester.
  • Employers meet with current Herkimer students who are interested in part-time employment while continuing their education.
  • Employers in close proximity of the College are encouraged to attend

Career Fair:

  • This fair is held every Spring semester.
  • The goal is to connect graduating seniors with local and regional employers with full-time positions.
  • Herkimer College Alumni and Community Members are welcome to attend and recruiters often find candidates with a wide range of education and experience.
  • Employers with part-time, seasonal or internship opportunities are also encouraged to attend.

Registration for these Free events is available on HireHerkimer

On-Campus Recruitment

  • Please contact us to arrange an individual recruitment day. A table and chairs will be placed in a high traffic area in the upper lobby of the RMCC building on the day of your event.
  • When scheduling your recruitment session, let us know what job titles you are hiring so we can advertise on campus.
  • Additional arrangements can be made for follow-up interviews.

Recruiting Policy

Herkimer College’s recruiting policy reflects our mission to help students persist to graduation and allows for up to two recruitment sessions per semester for military branches and for companies seeking to employ students.  We are also asking recruiters to target recruitment to those who will be graduating at the end of the semester. 

Posting Policy

Through HireHerkimer, employers can find diverse, well rounded and skilled talent from our many academic programs. You are invited to use the HireHerkimer site if you are an employer with genuine employment and internship opportunities.

Genuine employment is defined as full-time or part-time compensatory positions, either salaried or hourly. Commission only positions must be clearly labeled as such.  Required fees for memberships, training, products, or equipment must be clearly outlined in the posting.  Employment may not require candidates to use their social media profiles, personal data (i.e. bank accounts, social security numbers, etc.) during the application process. Employment may not include those related to the adult entertainment industry.  Employment may not be based on a “pyramid-style” networking structure, requiring the recruitment of others, who recruit others, etc. to sell products or services.  Positions in private homes and/or for personal services (i.e. babysitting, lawn work, personal care) may not be posted. 

As a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Herkimer College’s expectation is that any interaction with students or alumni is in compliance with the NACE Principles for Professional Conduct. Likewise, if posting an internship, Herkimer’s expectation is that the opportunity meets the NACE definition of an internship and complies with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

All employers must comply with all federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws (Title VI and IX) and ADA).  Release of candidate information provided by the HireHerkimer site is intended exclusively for the identified employer.  Re-disclosure of candidate information is not permitted. 

Third party recruiters and staffing agencies may post genuine employment and/or internship positions provided a complete position description is included that clearly states candidates will be working through a third party.  Positions must be located within the United States; recruiting candidates for foreign employment is prohibited.  Herkimer College reserves the right to request the name and information about the originating employer at any time.  All other aspects of this policy must be observed. 

Herkimer College reserves the right to deny access to posting services to any employer or third party recruiter/staffing agency at any time.