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Herkimer College Career Counseling for Students & Alumni

Herkimer College provides a number of Career Services to help our students and alumni succeed.

Career Counseling & Assessment

Students, who are uncertain about their major, are unclear about the types of occupations they are preparing for, or need assistance in developing a job search strategy may want to seek individual career counseling. Individual appointments may be scheduled through the Counseling Center by calling 315-866-0300 x8284 or by stopping in to RMCC 302.

Students who are undecided about their education and career plan are often referred to assessments. These on-line assessments may be accessed at anytime; however it is often advised that students make a follow up appointment with the Career Counselor to further discuss their results.

Assessments are free of charge. Students may register at www.herkimer.edu/focus. To obtain the access code needed to register please contact the Counseling Center at 315-866-0300 x8284 or e-mail the request to paddocksm@herkimer.edu

Additional sites to assist with career exploration:

Transition to a Career

Students are encouraged to schedule an individual Career Counseling appointment to discuss job search strategies or to prepare for an interview. The following services and events are available for students to help them launch their career.

Job Postings

All opportunities: Part-time, full-time, internship, nationwide or on-campus are posted to our on-line job posting system by College Central Network (CCN). Simply go to www.herkimer.edu/jobs and click on Students, and then click on “Create Account” to use the system.

Students are also encouraged to utilize career development tools through the New York State Department of Labor at https://www.jobzone.ny.gov/views/jobzone/guest.jsf

Use Buzzfile to research companies that hire in your field of study.

Herkimer College - Employers by Major
Accounting 129,667 Drama, Theater & Visual Arts 44,114 Language Studies 17,813
Anthropology 5,534 Economics 8,556 Legal Services 352,914
Art & Fine Arts 48,850 Education 211,714 Linguistics 12,702
Biochemistry 27,108 English 266,399 Management Information Systems 71,660
Biology 38,232 Entertainment Management 8,551 Marketing 62,779
Biophysics 13,288 Fashion Merchandising 195,911 Mathematics 223,968
Business Analytics 55,607 Finance 216,275 Medical Technology 76,486
Business Management 814,648 Health Science 1,107,033 Music 28,627
Cinematography 32,569 Healthcare Management 13,262 Photography 99,418
Classical Studies 30,199 History 232,905 Physical Therapy 27,500
Communications & Media Studies 166,345 Hotel Management 36,529 Physics 15,014
Comparative Literature 49,636 Human Development & Family Studies 158,356 Political Science 76,839
Computer Science 138,101 Human Resource Management 26,880 Psychology 51,735
Criminal Justice 67,535 International Affairs 4,280 Public Relations 8,814
Cyber Security 1,848 Journalism 68,704 Restaurant Management 132,346
Dance 20,894 Labor Relations 41,587 Social Work 370,697
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Herkimer College - Employers by Major
Accounting 129,667
Anthropology 5,534
Art & Fine Arts 48,850
Biochemistry 27,108
Biology 38,232
Biophysics 13,288
Business Analytics 55,607
Business Management 814,648
Cinematography 32,569
Classical Studies 30,199
Communications & Media Studies 166,345
Comparative Literature 49,636
Computer Science 138,101
Criminal Justice 67,535
Cyber Security 1,848
Dance 20,894
Drama, Theater & Visual Arts 44,114
Economics 8,556
Education 211,714
English 266,399
Entertainment Management 8,551
Fashion Merchandising 195,911
Finance 216,275
Health Science 1,107,033
Healthcare Management 13,262
History 232,905
Hotel Management 36,529
Human Development & Family Studies 158,356
Human Resource Management 26,880
International Affairs 4,280
Journalism 68,704
Labor Relations 41,587
Language Studies 17,813
Legal Services 352,914
Linguistics 12,702
Management Information Systems 71,660
Marketing 62,779
Mathematics 223,968
Medical Technology 76,486
Music 28,627
Photography 99,418
Physical Therapy 27,500
Physics 15,014
Political Science 76,839
Psychology 51,735
Public Relations 8,814
Restaurant Management 132,346
Social Work 370,697
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Herkimer College - Employers in New York by Major
Accounting 8,922 Drama, Theater & Visual Arts 3,978 Language Studies 1,541
Anthropology 342 Economics 490 Legal Services 27,942
Art & Fine Arts 4,206 Education 11,890 Linguistics 1,294
Biochemistry 1,621 English 16,163 Management Information Systems 4,137
Biology 2,239 Entertainment Management 1,128 Marketing 4,232
Biophysics 597 Fashion Merchandising 17,426 Mathematics 12,291
Business Analytics 4,428 Finance 14,015 Medical Technology 4,924
Business Management 46,085 Health Science 76,090 Music 2,809
Cinematography 3,293 Healthcare Management 671 Photography 5,812
Classical Studies 2,527 History 13,567 Physical Therapy 2,754
Communications & Media Studies 11,291 Hotel Management 1,453 Physics 692
Comparative Literature 4,092 Human Development & Family Studies 9,681 Political Science 4,242
Computer Science 8,479 Human Resource Management 1,339 Psychology 4,058
Criminal Justice 3,341 International Affairs 706 Public Relations 1,003
Cyber Security 72 Journalism 5,143 Restaurant Management 5,641
Dance 1,642 Labor Relations 2,785 Social Work 21,961
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Herkimer College - Employers in New York by Major
Accounting 8,922
Anthropology 342
Art & Fine Arts 4,206
Biochemistry 1,621
Biology 2,239
Biophysics 597
Business Analytics 4,428
Business Management 46,085
Cinematography 3,293
Classical Studies 2,527
Communications & Media Studies 11,291
Comparative Literature 4,092
Computer Science 8,479
Criminal Justice 3,341
Cyber Security 72
Dance 1,642
Drama, Theater & Visual Arts 3,978
Economics 490
Education 11,890
English 16,163
Entertainment Management 1,128
Fashion Merchandising 17,426
Finance 14,015
Health Science 76,090
Healthcare Management 671
History 13,567
Hotel Management 1,453
Human Development & Family Studies 9,681
Human Resource Management 1,339
International Affairs 706
Journalism 5,143
Labor Relations 2,785
Language Studies 1,541
Legal Services 27,942
Linguistics 1,294
Management Information Systems 4,137
Marketing 4,232
Mathematics 12,291
Medical Technology 4,924
Music 2,809
Photography 5,812
Physical Therapy 2,754
Physics 692
Political Science 4,242
Psychology 4,058
Public Relations 1,003
Restaurant Management 5,641
Social Work 21,961
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Applied Learning

Participation in applied learning activities can gain you real world experience outside of the classroom, build your resume and build your connections in the workforce. Applied learning covers a broad range of activities such as Internships, Practicum Placements, Fieldwork, Clinical Rotations and Volunteerism. If your academic program requires an applied learning experience then your faculty advisor or professor can assist you with identifying a placement.

Students who do not have an applied learning requirement as part of their academic program may utilize the following resources to locate and apply for opportunities:

Career Fair

Every Spring semester the college hosts local and regional businesses at the annual Career Fair. While geared towards full-time, career level employment, some employers will also discuss part-time, seasonal or internship opportunities. This is an excellent networking opportunity for students to dress for success, bring their resume and possibly launch their career.

Resume Writing Assistance

Students are encouraged to develop a resume early on as resumes are an effective tool to be used for applying for part-time employment, internships, preparing transfer applications or scholarship applications and will be needed when seeking your first career oriented position.

Students that need to create a resume should register with College Central Network located at www.herkimer.edu/jobs to access CCN’s resume builder. Additionally, the Career Counselor is available to provide resume critiques. Simply bring a copy of your resume to your scheduled appointment with the Career Counselor.