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Your Academic Advisor

Each student attending Herkimer College is assigned an academic advisor to guide you as you earn you complete your program or earn your Associate’s Degree. Your advisor is a community college faculty member or an Advisement Center advisor who is familiar with the major you are studying. Your academic advisor is your primary resource to contact concerning your major, academic requirements, opportunities within your program of study (example: internships), as well as your connection to the services provided by Herkimer College.

New students receive an advisor assignment after first semester registration has occurred. Should a student need assistance with developing the first schedule, please contact an Advisement Center advisor.

Academic advisor assignments are available to view using Student Online Services - here's how:

  1. Go to the following webpage: herkimer.edu/banner
  2. Select Student and Financial Aid
  3. Select Student Records
  4. Select Academic Transcript or View Student Information

You may find your advisor's contact information on the college directory.

If you are still unsure with how to access your student information within banner, please contact our Help Desk.