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Changing Your Major

If you’ve changed your plans for the future or decided your current major no longer fits your needs, you can change your major. Here are a few things you should know about changing your major:

  • Changing your major may impact the time it takes to complete the new academic program, extending your graduation date. 
  • When you change your major, your grade point average does not get "reset."
  • Students are allowed one (1) curriculum change free of charge. Each subsequent Curriculum Change form results in a fee of $25.00.
  • To change your major: print, complete, sign, and return the Curriculum (Major) Change Form. Please submit the form to the Advisement Center (RMCC 302). The return address and fax number are included on the form.

Students considering a major change may benefit from a consultation with their academic advisor.

If you have questions regarding the major change process, contact the Advisement Center 315-574-4029 or submit an information request.