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General Education Requirements

A strong foundation is essential for an exceptional education. That’s why each Herkimer College Associate's Degree program has a level of general education requirements that need to be satisfied.

It is required that community college students in AA and AS programs complete a minimum of one course in seven of the ten knowledge areas. Students in AAS programs are encouraged to select electives to complete as many knowledge areas as possible.

The general education knowledge areas are:

  1. Math
  2. Natural Science
  3. Social Science
  4. American History
  5. Western Civilization
  6. Other World Civilizations
  7. Humanities
  8. Arts
  9. Foreign Language
  10. Basic Communication

Many of these knowledge areas are built into all Associate degree programs.

Use the following list of general education approved classes as a reference when your program page indicates things like: "American History Selective" or "Students must select one (1) from the following categories: Other World Civilizations, The Arts, or Foreign Language."