A significant contribution.

Our socioeconomic contribution to Herkimer County has a significant impact on the lives of local residents and businesses. The overall economic impact of Herkimer College on Herkimer County is about $75 million annually.

$48.9 million
In added regional income each year due to the higher earnings of students and increased output of business.
$26.1 million
In net added income each year due College operations and spending of nonlocal students.
Rate of return tax payers see in their investment in Herkimer College
Herkimer College is positively impacting our students and the community. They are a major employer contributing toward the success of our region's educational system and quality of life. The Genesis Group is proud to partner with Herkimer College…Go Generals!
Raymond J. Durso, Jr.
Executive Director, The Genesis Group
I can’t speak highly enough about the staff and students at Herkimer College. We have had numerous collaborations over the years, and we always come away after each one feeling a debt of gratitude about how well we—and the people we support—were treated. Herkimer College truly walks the talk about incorporating individuals with disabilities into their culture and, honestly, could not be more inclusive. The College is a model of how an educational institution of higher learning should carry itself in the 21st Century. It is our pleasure to call them true partners in the community.
Kevin Crosley
President/CEO, Arc Herkimer
As a small, rural school, we have limited funds and available programming to offer our students who seek to challenge themselves and be competitive college applicants. The College Now program has enabled our students to be challenged and competitive while pursuing their desired college and career goals. A frequent comment from LCS grads home from college is how the College Now courses brought them up to the same academic confidence level as students in their classes from larger and more affluent high schools.
Heidi Sider
School Counselor, Laurens Central School
The College Now program with Herkimer College allows students from many districts to get a head start on their college degree as they graduate from high school with several college credits already earned. Herkimer BOCES is so fortunate to partner with Herkimer College in our Valley Pathways To Early College High School (VP-TECH) as well as in workforce development initiatives with our colleagues at the county.
Sandra R. Sherwood
District Superintendent & CEO, Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES
College Now courses have benefited our students significantly. The long-term cost savings have been noted by many of our graduates. Having students challenge themselves by taking college-level courses while in high school is a great way to prepare them for the college experience, while at the same time allowing them to earn credits toward their degree.
Richard Keeler
Principal, Central Valley Academy