Herkimer College Alerts

Important COVID-19 vaccination and surveillance testing information is available here.


In-person and online tutoring for all students.

Tutoring is available for more than 95 different Herkimer College courses and is free of charge to registered students. Our tutorial program is:

  • Nationally certified through the College Reading and Learning Association.
  • Staffed with trained, experienced tutors at both the peer and professional level.
  • For both on-campus and online students, with or without a referral.


Students are encouraged to make tutoring appointments as often as necessary. To make an appointment:

Embedded Tutoring

Embedded tutoring is designed to give students a high level of academic support by giving embedded tutors the opportunity to learn with the students throughout the course. Embedded Tutoring enables both peer and professional tutoring faculty to support students by attending classes and holding outside sessions to further assist the needs of the students enrolled in the course. The embedded staff and course faculty work very closely throughout the semester to provide the best support possible to students.

Online Tutoring

Both on-campus and online students can take advantage of the ASC’s online tutoring services. The following online support services are available:

  • E-Tutor Paper Dropbox: Students can submit their papers to our E-Tutor Paper Dropbox to have them reviewed by our English/Writing Specialist. Students will receive back a Microsoft Word document with comments on how to improve their paper. Submissions should be sent to etutor@herkimer.edu.
  • Virtual Appointments: Students who cannot make it to campus for tutoring appointments can meet with a peer or professional tutor remotely through Microsoft Teams. To set up a virtual appointment, visit herkimer.accudemia.net or contact the front desk at (315) 574-4000.
  • Net Tutor: For night owls and students who do their best work outside of normal office hours, Herkimer works with a third-party service provider to give students access to 24/7 tutorial assistance in a variety of subjects. Net Tutor can be accessed via Generals Online. Download the instructions here.

Questions? Call us at (315) 574-4000