In-person and online tutoring for all students.

Tutoring is available for more than 95 different Herkimer College courses and is free of charge to registered students. Our tutorial program is:

  • Nationally certified through the College Reading and Learning Association.
  • Staffed with trained, experienced tutors at both the peer and professional level.
  • For both on-campus and online students, with or without a referral.
  • Available for students on both a walk-in basis or by appointment.


Make an appointment for one-on-one tutoring:

Online Tutoring

Both on-campus and online students can take advantage of the ASC’s online tutoring services. The following online support services are available:

  • E-Tutor Paper Dropbox: Students can submit their papers to our E-Tutor Paper Dropbox to have them reviewed by our English/Writing Specialist. Students will receive back a Microsoft Word document with comments on how to improve their paper. Submissions should be sent to etutor@herkimer.edu.
  • Skype Appointments: Students who cannot make it to campus for tutoring appointments can meet with a peer or professional tutor via Skype. To set up a Skype appointment, contact the ASC’s front desk at (315) 574-4000.
  • Net Tutor: For night owls and students who do their best work outside of normal office hours, Herkimer works with a third-party service provider to give students access to 24/7 tutorial assistance in a variety of subjects. Net Tutor can be accessed via Generals Online. Download the instructions here.

 Questions? Call (315) 574-4000.