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Math Lab

Don’t let math stress you out.

Located in LB 104, the Academic Support Center’s Math Lab offers free math tutoring for students regardless of whether they are placed in developmental math or credit-bearing math. Our Math Lab provides a space for students to develop their math skills outside the classroom and seek assistance as needed.

Tutors are available and knowledgeable in most content areas, including algebra, statistics, and more advanced forms of math, like calculus. Students can use the space to do their homework and ask questions as they arise. To visit the Math Lab, enter the Academic Support Center and look for the long whiteboard and bank of windows facing the library building’s parking lot.

The Math Lab includes:

  • A quiet, open-access space to focus
  • Whiteboards, tables, and computers for individual or group work
  • Assistance from a knowledgeable math tutor as requested

Open Lab Hours

Note: Tutor availability varies day-to-day.

We are in the process of building out the lab schedule for the Fall 2021 semester. Please check back at a later date!

Questions? Call (315) 574-4000