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Point of Pride #12 -- Our Staff

September 26, 2016

We consistently hear from students, alumni and visitors that Herkimer College is a friendly and supportive environment. In fact, many students wish they could stay beyond graduation. That becomes even clearer to them once they have moved on to four-year colleges and universities.

service awards

That does not happen by chance. It is because of our staff – the 165 full- and part-time non-faculty employees whose expertise and skills keep the campus operating in an efficient and effective manner. But it goes well beyond that at Herkimer. Our staff go above and beyond on a regular basis to ensure a premier student experience. They are innovative in identifying and developing new programs, services and procedures. They are quick to help out in times of need, creative in solving problems, and resilient and optimistic during challenging times. And most of all, they are caring. Our staff truly care about our students, the campus and our community.

athletic staff at hall of fame

Many students need assistance navigating college services and processes, and for residential students, living away from home for the first time can be overwhelming. Our staff become pseudo-parents to many, providing students with much-needed guidance and reassurance, and sometimes a home-cooked meal or a hug.

maintenance staff

From processing applications to planning activities, from shoveling snow to scheduling tutors, every staff member contributes to the student experience in an important way…and they do it with care and compassion.

It is the genuine concern for students shown by our staff that has created and sustained a welcoming, caring and inclusive campus environment. And they demonstrate each and every day that every employee makes a difference.

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