Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Continual self-improvement through evidence-based decision making.

Herkimer College offers the premier SUNY college experience and ranks among the nation’s top community colleges for student success. We are dedicated to strategic processes of continual self-improvement through evidence-based decision making. Systematically, the College uses its research and effectiveness practices to evaluate progress and analyze results, ensuring achievement of our mission in upholding our core values.

Herkimer College’s comprehensive and ongoing process of institutional planning is based on an active culture of assessment encompassing all instructional and non-instructional areas of the College. Institutional planning incorporates our core values, mission and strategic goals into the design, implementation, and evaluation of all aspects of the College’s operations in order to make decisions and allocate resources in ways to best meet the College’s expected outcomes for excellence.

Institutional Research & Effectiveness Contacts

  • Karen Ayouch, Dean of Academic Affairs-Assessment, Institutional Effectiveness and Research 
  • Brenda Carney, Assessment and Research Specialist 

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Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) at Herkimer College provides leadership in strategic and operational planning, assessment in areas of academic instruction and non-instructional departments, and in cultivating a standard of quality across the institution. The IE Office uses student learning outcomes assessment and departmental outcomes assessment to inform success and growth in accordance with the College’s strategic and operational goals. Institutional planning, resource allocation, assessment, and use of data for collaboration toward institutional improvement are brought together by the IE Office to support the College in meeting our mission and upholding the standards for accreditation.

Committees Aligned with Institutional Effectiveness and Research:

  • Academic Team
  • Data Workgroup
  • Institutional Effectiveness 
  • Perkins Committee 
  • Survey Team

Professional Affiliations:

Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Model