Point of Pride #19 – Health and Wellness Opportunities

January 10, 2017

Happy New Year! Each January, roughly one in three of us resolve to better ourselves in some way. The most common resolution is to get in shape. With that in mind, our point of pride this week is our health and wellness opportunities.

Herkimer College is home to many fitness and recreational facilities open to the public. Our state of the art fitness center is a great opportunity for students and community members to set fitness goals and regularly pursue them. Community members can try the fitness center for a one day $5 fee and secure a membership for 1-month ($30), 6-months ($110) or 1-year ($200). Herkimer County residents over the age of 70 are eligible for free access to the fitness center, pool and library.

Fitness Center

Also open to the community, the Cristman Pool has six lanes and 25 yards of pool length. Non-students can pay $20 for a 10 visit option, $50 for a six month pass or $100 for an annual pass.


The recreational gymnasium, featuring a regulation sized basketball court and an upstairs two lane indoor walking/running track, is the perfect place to walk or jog on a snowy day. This facility is free and open to the public.

Rec Gym

The Nature Center is another wonderful resource that we have on campus offering health and wellness benefits. Not only is it used as an outdoor laboratory for many of our science classes, but also for the personal enjoyment of individuals as well as community groups. The many features of the Nature Center provide a wide diversity of outdoor activities including hiking on the Interpretive Trail, snowshoeing and skiing, photography, birdwatching, wildlife observations, and stargazing.

Nature Center

In addition to the many recreational facilities, we offer a variety of non-credit health and fitness classes for those who prefer a scheduled, organized class. Classes include Yoga for All, Gentle Yoga, Chisel, Interval Training, Pilates and more.

We take great pride in providing opportunities for our students, employees and community members to exercise their bodies, stay fit and healthy. Herkimer College has been recognized annually by the American Heart Association for being a fit-friendly workplace due to the many opportunities we offer for staying fit and healthy.