Point of Pride #44 - Adjunct Faculty

August 5, 2019


Herkimer College isn't just a great place to be a student — it's also a great place to work. Our faculty and staff enjoy a friendly atmosphere, supportive community, and opportunities for growth.

We often highlight our full-time faculty, but the College has a number of adjuncts as well. Adjuncts are part-time faculty members, hired by the College on a semester-by-semester basis. These roles are perfect for individuals who want to pass on their knowledge to the next generation while still working in the field, retirees looking to continue teaching, or people who want to spend more time focused on the students and curriculum without the added responsibilities that come with a full-time role.

Adjunct professors bring a needed real-world element to the classroom, often coming straight from the workforce or having a wealth of career experience already under their belt. Their wisdom creates well-rounded, diverse curriculums, ensuring Herkimer College students are getting the most up-to-date academic preparation.

Visit the College’s employment page for available opportunities.