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Point of Pride #7 – Campus Life

July 26, 2016

Herkimer College strives to deliver a premier SUNY two-year college education experience. Through surveys and focus groups, our students have helped define what that means to them. They told us that academics and value are important to them, but ranked even higher is the quality of life.

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Quality of life factors that students said are important to them include: variety and availability of food; diverse student programming with fun and interactive activities; regular and reliable transportation; a diverse culture with structured activities and opportunities for interaction and acceptance; and a clean, affordable, friendly and safe environment.

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With a variety of on-campus housing options, more than 630 students call Herkimer College home during the academic year. As a community college, the environment is unique in that it is more like that found at four-year residential colleges. By living away from home, students have the opportunities of a full-college experience, helping them to gain independence, develop leadership and time-management skills, learn acceptance of others, and develop their own priorities, self-motivation and perseverance to achieve their goals.

Of course, what college student does not think food is important?! With newly renovated dining center, students enjoy fresh, nutritious and tasty meals prepared daily by American Dining Creations, one of the largest independent dining and vending services in the United States.

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With housing and dining taken care of, students can focus on classwork, activities, clubs and sports. With over 30 clubs and organizations, 18 intercollegiate athletic teams, intramurals, recreational and work study opportunities, there are plenty of ways to make friends, destress and enjoy special interests.

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Whether it is playing ping pong in the game room, working out at the Fitness Center, participating in student government, or working in one of the offices, there is something for everyone. Our students continually tell us they wish Herkimer was a four-year college, as they want to stay for another two years! That speaks volumes for the campus life here at Herkimer.