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Cost of Attendance

The premier two-year SUNY experience — at an affordable cost.

Earning an associate degree or certificate or starting a four-year program at Herkimer College is a smart choice. It means a high-quality education with significant savings.

Below is a breakdown of our tuition, fees, and other costs of attendance. About 80% of our students receive some form of financial aid to help pay for these costs.

Contact us anytime with questions. Visit us at RMCC 269, call 315-574-4035, or request information online.

Direct Charges    On/Off Campus     Commuter     Out of State 
Tuition   5016.00   5016.00       8,000.00
Fees           660.00    660.00          960.00
Subtotal Direct Charges    $5,676.00    $5,676.00    $8,960.00
Indirect Charges             
Books     1,150.00    1,150.00   1,150.00
Campus Access      800.00    1,400.00        800.00
Loan Fees         50.00      50.00           50.00
Room and Board Allowance      11,400.00     2,350.00     11,400.00
Personal/Miscellaneous        904.00       934.00     900.00
Subtotal Indirect Charges     $14,304.00   $5,884.00    $14,300.00
Total Cost of Attendance    $19,980.00    $11,560.00    $23,260.00

2020-2021 Full Time Tuition and Fees Schedule
2020-2021 Part Time Tuition and Fees Schedule