English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

Furthering your skills in pursuit of excellence.

Herkimer College ESL classes have helped students from Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, and the Asian subcontinent develop their English skills as they prepare for majors ranging from business to science, and from communication and media to fine arts. Our ESL students have successfully transferred to other SUNY schools, as well as colleges and universities around the country and around the world.

While non-credit courses do not count toward receiving a degree, they help you prepare for the credit bearing courses that require facility in American English, and set you up for success beyond our degree programs.

Our ESL Courses

For questions or more information, email the Office for International Programming.

Program Goals

  • Prepare second language students for success in all college majors
  • Assist with timely transition to graduation credit courses
  • Support academic excellence for all international students

ESL Students at Herkimer

When you enroll for classes, you may be advised to take ESL courses based on your admission documents and placement tests.

  • You may enroll in ESL courses at the same time you are enrolled in courses in their majors.
  • Students may receive tutoring help in English while they are enrolled in non-ESL courses

ESL Services

  • Classroom instruction
  • Tutoring (no extra cost)
    • ESL coursework tutoring
    • Transition tutoring (including coursework for graduation program classes)
  • Testing accommodations 
  • Academic advising
  • Personal advising
  • New student adjustment assistance

Your ESL Contact

Coordinator of International Academic Programming
(315) 866-0300, ext. 8668