ESL Speaking & Listening Courses

Herkimer College offers a solid collection of speaking and listening courses for international students learning English as their second language.

ES 120 Essentials of Spoken English - ESL

This course emphasizes the development of conversational English by giving students practice with spoken language. From listening to and repeating taped exercises, to imitating the instructor and role-playing with classmates, students will become familiar with idiomatic expressions.

ES 121 Intermediate Speaking and Listening - ESL

This course provides the intermediate level college ESL student with the opportunity to further develop skills for understanding spoken communication, to practice effective listening strategies, and to practice common conversational patterns.

ES 122 Advanced Speaking and Listening - ESL

This course is designed to help students develop their English speaking vocabulary through imitation of taped speech, repetition of the instructor’s speech and interaction with classmates, practice with individual presentations, and participation in activities such as panel discussions. 

ES 123 Improving Pronunciation - ESL

This course is intended to develop student accuracy in producing and recognizing the sounds, as well as the rhythm, stress, and intonation patterns of spoken English through taking dictation, imitation, speech, and taped and live interaction with classmates. These exercises will form the basis of both class work and assignments.