Explanation of Fees

Accident Insurance:

This is an annual fee charged to student athletes who participate in regular or off-season play. The fee covers the cost of a mandatory accident insurance policy for athletes.  This plan pays secondary to any other insurance coverage carried by the student.

Alumni Fee:

Payment of this optional fee entitles the graduate to a lifetime membership as a Herkimer College alumna/alumnus, with certain benefits and privileges.  Upon graduation the alumna/alumnus will receive the Connections magazine and information on alumni events.  Affiliation provides an avenue of continued contact and support.  The fee is charged to part-time and full-time matriculated students per semester.

Athletic Trainer Fee:

This is a mandatory fee charged to all student-athletes to help defray the cost of on-site athletic trainer services.

Capital Fee:

This fee, approved by the State University of New York Board of Trustees, is charged to students from outside New York State to contribute fiscally to the capital needs of the college.  Students who reside in New York State provide fiscally to the capital needs of the college through capital chargebacks paid by the student’s home county.

Change of Program Fee:

This administrative fee is charged to students who have changed their programs of study more than one time after the initial enrollment.

Course Fee:

Some courses require a fee to cover additional resources, such as laboratory supplies and/or specialized computer software, required to teach the course. 

CPR Certification Fee:

Assessed to students enrolled in either HE 128 or PE 170, the student is granted CPR certification upon successful completion of the course.

Curriculum Fee:

The Criminal Justice curricula students are assessed a curriculum fee to help support four state-of-the-art academic specialty laboratories that are used through all of the CJ programs.  The Crime & Intelligence Analysis, Cybersecurity, Forensic Investigations and Farm Crime Scene laboratories support classes that are open to all criminal justice majors. The Police Basic Training Certificate curricula students are also assessed a fee to support requirements of the program.


Fitness Center Lab Fee:

Assessed to students enrolled in PE 136 and PE 137, this fee helps defray the cost of running the college’s Fitness Center.

 ID Card Service Fee:

This is a mandatory fee charged to all students with the exception of Internet Academy and College Now students to defray the cost of issuing student IDs.

International Student Health Insurance:

All F-1 international students are required by SUNY to have health insurance for the duration of their stay at Herkimer College.  It is necessary to have health insurance because the cost of health care services in the United States is very high.  If medical attention is required, it is important that the student is able to receive the proper attention without accumulating large out-of-pocket expenses.  Unless the student has provided the Student Accounts Office with proof of comparable coverage, the student will be automatically enrolled in the SUNY program. Benefits are subject to change yearly.

Late Registration Fee:

This fee helps to defray the cost of registering a student on or after the first day of classes.

Library Fines:

A fine is charged per book / per day for each day that the loaned materials are late in returning.

Malpractice Insurance:

Required of Physical Therapy and EMT-Paramedic students, this fee provides malpractice insurance while the student is enrolled in fieldwork courses.

Medical Evacuation Policy:

Eligible F-1 international students who are insured under a comparable major medical contract, and have been approved for a waiver of the international health insurance are required to enroll in this stand-alone policy which provides for medical evacuation under certain conditions and repatriation benefits.

Music Lessons Fee:

Assessed to student enrolled in HU 103 – HU 106, this fee helps defray the cost of providing a private instructor.

NSF Check Fee:

This fee is assessed to those students who present a check for payment that is subsequently rejected by the issuing bank.

Online Course Fee:

This is a mandatory fee charged to all students who are enrolled in an internet-based course.  This fee helps to offset the additional technology, license agreements and service contracts required to host internet-based courses. The Online Course Fee is not refundable if a student logs into their course on or after the first day of classes.


There is no fee for parking on campus, but all students are required to register their vehicles with Campus Safety. Parking permits, which are also free, are available at the Student Accounts Office for students who commute. For students who reside in Campus Meadows, College Hill or Reservoir Run housing and have a vehicle, a parking fee will apply.

Parking rules and regulations are enforced on campus by Campus Safety personnel. Parking fines range from $10 to $35 and must be paid within ten days of receipt of the ticket or they increase. Fines are payable at the Student Accounts Office.

Payment Deferral Fee:

This fee is charged to students who have not satisfied their financial obligations prior to the start of classes.

Physical Therapy Licensing Fee:

Physical Therapy program students are assessed this fee in each of four semesters of study.  At program completion, the fee is remitted to the student in order to cover the cost of obtaining their license to practice.

PTA Licensing Exam Prep Workshop Fee:

This fee is assessed to Physical Therapy students to cover the cost of the licensing exam preparatory workshop.

Readmission Fee:

This fee is assessed to students who are required to be readmitted to the college due to their prior academic standing.

Student Life Fee:

This is a mandatory fee endorsed by the student body and provides support for student government, organizations, clubs, student activities, events and intercollegiate and intramural athletics throughout the school year. It is not a user fee, as everyone benefits from these activities whether through participation in a club, attendance at events, representation by student government, or the positive reputation that comes from recognition of academic programs, community impact of student club and organizations, and success of athletic teams. 

Technology Fee:

The Technology Fee is a mandatory fee that is used to help support the college’s commitment to the use of modern and effective information technology in its teaching and learning environment as well as student support services such as the MyHerkimer portal and Student Online Services.

Transcript Fee:

This fee covers the expense of producing official transcripts.