Develop Your Workforce. Improve Your Bottom Line.

High-quality programs at a reasonable cost.

Workforce development is a smart business investment, and many local employers qualify for grants and other financial aid to help pay for it.

Why workforce development? 

  • Improves employee skills and introduces new technologies to increase efficiency and improve your bottom line.
  • Increases job satisfaction rates through learning opportunities.
  • Helps employers adjust to changing market conditions and stay relevant.
  • Saves money compared to hiring and training new employees.

Why Herkimer College?

  • Experience. Herkimer College is a long-term provider of training and workforce development programs in the Mohawk Valley region.
  • Diversity. Our technical, organizational workforce development and leadership training programs cover a broad range of topics from general leadership and management topics to specific, customized training needs. 
  • Commitment. We are dedicated to the economic development of Herkimer and surrounding counties, supporting companies of all sizes in their quest for continuous improvement.

Our services:

  • Assessment of workforce training needs.
  • Consulting services, courses, programs, seminars, and workshops.
  • High-quality training programs at affordable prices.

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