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  1. DATE OF REVISION: August 30, 2023

  2. POSITION TITLE: President

  3. REPORTS TO: Board of Trustees

  4. SUPERVISES: Provost, Dean of Students, Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance, Director of Public Relations, Secretary to the President.

  5. BASIC FUNCTION: The President is charged with furthering the mission of the College and promoting its development and effectiveness as a community college.  Appointed by the members of the Board of Trustees of Herkimer County Community College, subject to approval by the State University Board of Trustees.  Serves at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees of the College.

    The President is responsible for the over-all leadership of the College in a manner consistent with law and the established policies of the Board of Trustees. The President coordinates all the activities of the College and supervises the work of the chief administrators reporting directly to him/her.

    1. Implements, executes, and administers all policies of the Board of Trustees.
    2. Develops and implements an organizational strategic plan for the College.
    3. Appoints well-qualified faculty and staff. Reappoints and terminates staff as appropriate.
    4. Reviews and approves extended employee leaves of absence and has overall responsibility for conditions of employment.
    5. Overall responsibility for admission of students.
    6. Prepares budget for the operation of the college for submission to and approval of the Board of Trustees, local sponsor, and State University trustees.
    7. Prepares capital equipment and capital construction budgets.
    8. Requests annually from all appropriate supervisory personnel department/office procedures, annual reports, and departmental budget requests.
    9. Presents to the Board of Trustees recommendations regarding promotion, tenure, sabbatical leave, merit awards, new position requests, title changes, salary, and employee benefit packages.
    10. Submits new curricula programs developed by the Chief Academic Officer to the Board of Trustees and the State University Board of Trustees for approval.
    11. Reviews periodically the salary and benefit schedule of all non-bargaining unit personnel with the assistance of the Director of Human Resources. Presents recommended changes to the Board of Trustees for approval.
    12. Presents annually to the Board of Trustees institutional objectives for the next fiscal year for their review and comment.
    13. Calls and presides over meetings of the Executive Council. Prepares the agenda and coordinates the activities of this council.  Calls upon members for assistance as deemed advisable.
    14. Calls and presides over regular meetings of the faculty and professional staff.
    15. Negotiates and administers labor agreements on behalf of the College Board of Trustees.
    16. Submits the college's annual report to the Board of Trustees.
    17. Assists Chair of the Board of Trustees in the development of the agenda for monthly meetings of the Board.
    18. Oversees the care, custody and management of grounds, buildings, equipment, and supplies belonging to the College used for carrying out its purposes.
    19. Presents annually to the Board of Trustees institutional objectives for the coming fiscal year for their review and comments.
    20. Works closely with the College Foundation to develop and maintain relationships with donors and alumni.
    21. Appoints members of the citizen curricula advisory councils upon the recommendation of the Chief Academic Officer.
    22. Assigns such powers, duties and responsibilities as deemed advisable without delegating or relinquishing over-all accountability.
    23. Authorizes and supervises travel for official college business.
    24. Approves use of facilities for outside organizations.
    25. Administers college's governance and committee structure.

    1. Chair of the Board of Trustees
    2. Trustee Members
    3. Provost
    4. Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance
    5. Dean of Students
    6. Director of Public Relations
    7. Athletic Director
    8. College Foundation
    9. Secretary to the President
    10. Members of Herkimer County Legislature
    11. Community & Business Leaders

    1. An earned doctorate is highly preferred, master's degree required;
    2. Demonstrated successful academic administrative experience appropriate to the requirements of the presidency;
    3. Qualities of leadership and ability to maintain effective relationships with trustees, faculty, students, administrative staff, alumni, local government, and members of the community;
    4. Commitment to the mission of public higher education, and to the mission of Herkimer County Community College;
    5. Commitment to the athletic program as a compliment to academics;
    6. Evidence or the distinct promise of the ability to build productive community relationships;
    7. Evidence or distinct promise of the ability to generate external support by working with the Foundation and donors;
    8. Commitment to the principles of diversity and equal opportunity.

  9. JOB CATEGORY: Executive Administration/ Confidential