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Veterans and Military Members

Herkimer College recognizes and thanks our military veterans, active duty military members, and their families for their contributions and sacrifices for our country and community.  We strive to provide the best possible service to this unique segment of our student population and to insure that students are properly certified to receive benefits through the Montgomery GI Bill and the military branch’s tuition assistance programs.


Veterans eligible for VA educational benefits should first contact our Veteran’s Benefits Coordinator, John Lasher, to complete a Veterans Data Sheet.  Our Benefits Coordinator will certify your enrollment through the Veterans Administration website.  For further information on the veterans benefits certification, please visit:
Veterans Benefits at Herkimer College

All veterans matriculated in a degree program are strongly encouraged to apply for all other federal and state financial aid programs by completing the FAFSA at

Students deemed eligible for veteran’s benefits should contact the Assistant Bursar, Aaron Alford, to discuss their student bill.  The Student Accounts Office will defer payment of tuition and fees based upon your eligibility for benefits.  It is understood that there is often a delay between the due date of student bills and receipt of veteran’s benefits, and Herkimer College will coordinate a payment plan with students in anticipation of these benefits.

For detailed information regarding VA Educational Benefits, please visit:

Active Duty Military Members

Military members and their family members who are utilizing tuition assistance through their branch of the service are responsible to submit all necessary information through their branch’s education benefits system to establish their benefit. Prior to enrolling, all service members should speak with their Education Service Officer (ESO) or counselor within the military service.  If using tuition assistance, please notify the Assistant Bursar, Aaron Alford in the Student Accounts Office.  The Student Accounts Office will certify your enrollment and submit an invoice to your tuition assistance plan.  Tuition will be deferred pending receipt of payment from your tuition assistance plan. 

Please contact Mr. Alford if you have any questions regarding your student account, tuition assistance, or any other concerns regarding your experience at Herkimer College.  Below are some important contacts for you to reference should you need assistance with advisement, federal and state financial aid, academic support services, career counseling, or personal counseling.


Department of Defense Tuition Assistance is earned based on a proportional basis through the 60% point of the term. Students who stop attending prior to the 60% point in the term will be subject to a recalculation of their tuition assistance based upon their last date of attendance, and any unearned funds will be returned to the appropriate branch of the service's tuition assistance program.  The recalculation of the earned tuition assistance will follow the methodology of the Department of Education's policy on Return of Unearned Title IV funds.

Important Contacts for Veterans and Military Members

VA Certifying Officer / Registrar - John Lasher

DOD Tuition Assistance / Student Accounts - Aaron Alford

Academic Advisement - Katherine Scanlon

Financial Aid Office - Patricia Miller

Academic Support Center / Students with Disabilities - Leslie Cornish

Career Counseling for Students and Alumni

Personal Counseling