Personal Counseling Services – Frequently Asked Questions

College life has many ups and downs and requires many transitions. Lots of students benefit from Personal Counseling services. Check out our frequently asked questions or contact the Counseling Center to learn more.

Why would I ever need to consider Personal Counseling?

How many times have you heard those very encouraging words, “Your college experience is going to be the time of your life.” The problem is that while this is true for some students it is anything but for others. For many students, what at first seems like “the time of your life” can all of a sudden seem very overwhelming. So if you are starting to feel like things are getting more and more difficult to handle on your own…consider making an appointment with a Personal Counselor and we will do what we can to help you with your situation.

How is it that a Personal Counselor can help me?

As professionally trained counselors we are here to work with students, confidentially, both individually and in groups, and on a short-term basis by helping them work through issues adversely affecting them. Some of these issues might include overall adjustment to college life, feeling home sick, dealing with relationships, handling mild depression/anxiety, or facing pressure related to sexuality, sexual activity, or drug/alcohol use just to name a few.

What do you mean by "confidential"?

Any information that you share with the Counselor or that is contained in your personal file is kept in strict confidence and cannot be shared with anyone without your written consent.

What if the stuff that I am dealing with is more serious than feeling homesick?

In the Counseling Center we are also very concerned about more serious issues that sometimes creep up on college students, such as depression, dealing with an eating disorder, drug or alcohol abuse, or other more serious mental health concerns. These more serious situations often require referring the student to a community based referral service that is specialized and better equipped to handle more complicated issues.

What if I’m in a Crisis?

Here in the Counseling Center we are also prepared to handle crisis situations. No one likes to think about awful situations such as someone having suicidal thoughts, rape, a drug overdose, or any other traumatic event occurring, but the fact of the matter is that these situations can occur and we need to be prepared. Therefore, please contact the Counseling Center, MCAT or Campus Safety immediately (see Emergency Services) if you become worried about yourself or someone else heading into crisis, dealing with a crisis, or having trouble recovering following a crisis. We will be there to help by first ensuring everyone’s safety and second by helping the person in crisis obtain the services and resources needed to overcome the situation and hopefully keep the crisis from reoccurring.

What if I’m fine, but I’m concerned about someone else?

In a situation where you are worried about someone else we still want to encourage you to come in and see us. If you prefer we could help you handle the situation, or at least provide you with some sound advice on how to handle the situation on your own without our direct involvement.

Can someone refer me to the Counseling Center?

Yes, you can be referred to the Counseling Center. A faculty member, friend, roommate, coach, parent, etc. can contact the Counseling Center stating that they are concerned about you and that they believe that you might benefit from talking with a counselor about whatever it is that you are dealing with at the time. Subsequently, we will send you a letter to inform you of the referral and also invite you to schedule an appointment to come in to talk with a counselor. Of course, with these types of referrals it is your decision whether or not you choose to follow through with the invite. However, we strongly urge that you consider at least an initial visit to give us a chance to talk and see how we might be of help to you.

Can I be mandated to go to the Counseling Center?

Yes. The Dean of Students or Director of Safety can mandate you to see a Counselor. This is usually done in the event that you are in violation of the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy and/or Student Code of Conduct.

Please refer to the student handbook for further detail.

What if I just want some information but do not want to talk to a counselor?

In the Counseling Center’s main waiting area there is a display rack full of FREE literature. The items on display cover a wide variety of topics ranging from Drug/Alcohol concerns to Sexual Assault/Date Rape concerns to Career related information. You can access this information anytime during our regular office hours. Also continue browsing this site for virtual pamphlets and assessments.