Dr. Ronald F. Williams

For providing 22 years of visionary leadership as the second President of Herkimer County Community College (1986 – 2008). Dr. Williams initiated and guided a period of major development in both facilities and programming at the College. In the process, he made significant contributions to the College’s success and growth in all areas of its operations. He was an early proponent of online learning, and promoted the creation of the Internet Academy, which established the College as a recognized leader in this field. He was also among the first to recognize the benefits of on-campus housing for community colleges, and positioned the College as a leader in this regard as well. He promoted the recruitment of international students, and was a tireless supporter of the College’s athletic programs. Expansion of campus facilities under Dr. Williams’ leadership included construction of Wehrum Stadium, the Technology Center, and the Hummel Corporate and Professional Education Center, as well as the remodeling of the library building. Dr. Williams brought the College to a new level of excellence.