Herkimer College Alerts

The Admissions Office and the Advisement Center will have extended hours until 6 p.m. from Monday, January 13 through Thursday, January 16 and Tuesday, January 21 through Thursday, January 23. The Student Accounts and Financial Aid Offices will be open until 6 p.m. on Wednesday, January 22 and Thursday, January 23. 

John H. Thayer

For his dedication in fulfilling a broad spectrum of roles crucial for the start-up of Herkimer College. 

Mr. Thayer was a founding member of the College’s Student Services professional staff. As Director of Admissions, he recruited the opening class of 221 full-time and 101 part-time students in the fall of 1967 on short notice and under challenging circumstances, such as the uncertain availability of locations and facilities for classes to be held in. In addition to being Director of Admissions, Mr. Thayer initially also served as the College’s Registrar and Director of Counseling, Financial Aid and Public Relations. He also oversaw intramural sports at the College. John Thayer will always be remembered for the vital roles he played in the founding and growth of Herkimer College.