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Herkimer College Torchbearers

torchbearer 2014Torchbearer Awards are presented by the College Board of Trustees every five years to recognize individuals whose contributions have had a significant and lasting impact on the development and operations of Herkimer County Community College.

Award recipients are honored with individual plaques on the Torchbearer's Wall in the Robert McLaughlin College Center lobby. The plaque bears the following text: “We recognize those who have given themselves to light the way for future generations. Through their vision and commitment, our Torchbearers have built this community college and maintained its tradition of opportunity and excellence.”

Nominations for the 2019 Torchbearer Awards are now being accepted by the selection committee. Nomination criteria is as follows:

  1. Nominees cannot currently be employed as full-time Herkimer County Community College personnel.
  2. If a nominee is a former Herkimer County Community College employee, he/she must not have performed full-time service for the college for a minimum of 5 years.
  3. Former full-time employees of the College who are currently doing part-time work for the College, including adjunct teaching, may be nominated for a Torchbearer Award, as long as they meet the five-year requirement stipulated in criterion 2.
  4. Nominees cannot serve on the Herkimer County Community College’s Board of Trustees and concurrently be considered for this recognition.
  5. Elected politicians, currently serving their term, cannot be nominated for this award.

Nomination Form

Previous award recipients have included retired members of the teaching faculty and administration, community and business leaders, and elected officials. Individuals may be nominated posthumously for the Torchbearer Award.

Past Torchbearer Award recipients: